Squid Game theory about Gi-hun and the Old Man will make you rethink everything

3 October 2021, 16:48

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Are Seong Gi-hun and Oh Il-nam father and son? The viral theory explained.

Squid Game is undoubtably Netflix's biggest TV show of the year (and possibly biggest show of all time) and people cannot stop theorising about all the hidden details and meanings within in the series.

Viewers have now come up with countless theories about the show and the characters, including one viral theory that suggests that the card colour chosen during the Saleman's game determines if you'll be a player or a worker.

Now, some fans have theorised that two of the main players could be related. The new theory suggests that Seong Gi-hun and the old man, Oh Il-nam, are actually father and son.

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WARNING: Major Squid Game spoilers ahead!

Squid Game: Is Gi-hun's father the old man Il-nam?
Squid Game: Is Gi-hun's father the old man Il-nam? Picture: Netflix

Yep. Apparently, a lot of people seem to think that there's more to Gi-hun and Il-nam's friendship than meets the eye. But what do you think?

According to the theory, which has gone viral on TikTok thanks to several users including @jazephua, there's a few key moments in the series that potentially point toward the possibility that the two men share more than just a similar love for all those childhood games.

The first moment comes in episode 3 after Il-nam overhears Gi-hun telling one of the workers that he can't drink regular milk because he couldn't digest it properly as a child.

Il-nam then says, “As a kid, I’m willing to bet you got spanked a lot.” Gi-hun replies, “How did you know?” To that, Il-nam reveals, “My son did too, he was just like you, friend.”

Squid Game theory suggests Gi-hun and Il-nam are father and son
Squid Game theory suggests Gi-hun and Il-nam are father and son. Picture: Netflix

The next key moment comes in episode 6, as Il-nam begins to wander around the Korean neighbourhood that has been built in the arena for the marble game.

As he walks around, Il-nam says, “You know, when I was a kid, I lived in a neighbourhood just like this.” Gi-hun then reveals that he did too, saying: “And you know something? Our alleyway looked very similar.”

If you've watched the final episode, you'll know that the neighbourhood was an exact recreation of Il-nam's former home, because he was the one who designed it.

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Squid Game: Viewers think Il-nam might be Gi-hun's father
Squid Game: Viewers think Il-nam might be Gi-hun's father. Picture: Netflix

Several other small details have also got fans questioning whether or not Gi-hun and Il-nam are father and son.

In the first episode, Gi-hun attempts to get into his mother's bank account using his birth date, 0426, as the PIN code. Later on in episode 6, Il-nam asks if it's the 24th because his son's birthday is coming up soon. Il-nam doesn't specify what date but, based on the PIN, Gi-hun's birthday appears to be on the 26th.

The fact that Il-nam was the first player (001) and Gi-hun was the last player (456), has also convinced fans there's a deeper meaning behind the numbers. Some think it means that Il-nam intended to hand the games over to Gi-hun before he passed away.

Squid Game: Are Gi-hun and Il-nam father and son?
Squid Game: Are Gi-hun and Il-nam father and son? Picture: Netflix

As convincing and poetic as it all sounds, the theory doesn't quite work overall. The main reason being that it doesn't appear to make any sense for Il-nam to invite his son to play in his unpredictable and deadly game. What if Gi-hun had failed a task or been killed by another player?

The creator has yet to address the father/son theory, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens if Squid Game season 2 ever gets made. Fingers crossed we get some answers!

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