Two Squid Game: The Challenge Contestants Were 'Kicked Off' The Show For Hooking Up

6 December 2023, 17:05

Two Squid Game: The Challenge players apparently hooked up
Two Squid Game: The Challenge players apparently hooked up. Picture: Netflix

By Kathryn Knight

One Squid Game: The Challenge contestant has spilled some hot tea about the show.

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Squid Game: The Challenge player Stephen has claimed two of the contestants were kicked off the show for ‘hooking up’ before the series had even begun.

Stephen, player 243, said that before filming began all the contestants had to quarantine in a hotel in separate rooms for two weeks and said there were strict rules about interacting.

Opening up about his experience on the Netflix series, Stephen said he had ‘a little bit of tea’, claiming two people secretly met up in one of their hotel rooms and were ultimately booted off the show.

Squid Game: The Challenge contestants
Two contestants from Squid Game: The Challenge apparently 'hooked up'. Picture: Netflix

He said in an Instagram video: “Before the show started we were all quarantined individually and not allowed to interact. Some people got caught sneaking in to each other’s rooms so they got booted from the show.”

Stephen added that he and co-star Chase were also nearly kicked off for sneaking into each other’s rooms, but were allowed to stay when producers realised they’d actually arrived together.

Phalisia has also been spilling on her experience in the Games, claiming two people hooked up during the competition.

The contestants had to share a bathroom and sleep in rows of bunk beds in one room, but she claims a few of the players found time for a love triangle.

Phalisia said on The Viall Files podcast: “I don’t know for sure if they f****d, all I can say is I was in the bathroom when they were both in the shower.”

She let the hook-up slip while recalling how she used the lubricant in a pack of condoms as lip balm.

“There was no Chapstick. And there was a stock of condoms for whatever reason so I used lube for my lips,” she told the hosts. And when they asked if players ‘hooked up,’ Phalisia looked coy.

Squid Game: The Challenge contestants spill on "gritty" conditions 😳

“I can’t say,” she said. “I don’t know for sure if they f****d. But I can say I was in the bathroom when they were both in the shower,” adding there was ‘a love triangle going on’.

She said: “Just search the internet and I’m sure you can find it.”

The final of Squid Game: The Challenge drops on 7th December, where viewers will discover who won the $4.6 million prize.

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