Who is Front Man in Squid Game? His identity revealed

29 September 2021, 15:08

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The Front Man's identity is revealed in episode 8 of Squid Game. Here's your spoiler-filled explanation of who he is.

It's no surprise that Netflix's Squid Game is on track to become the streaming service's most watched series ever.

The thrilling K-drama survival show features several huge twists that viewers will not see coming, including the identity of the mysterious Front Man.

Front Man is a central figure in the show and appears to be the one running the deadly games. As the show goes on, more and more clues about his identity are teased before he unmasks himself in the final episodes. But who is he? Who is Squid Game's Front Man?

Of course, this article will contain huge spoilers for Squid Game so if you have yet to finish watching the entire series, bookmark this page and come back to it when you're done.

Here's your spoiler-filled explainer on who Squid Game's Front Man actually is.

WARNING: Major spoilers for Squid Game ahead!

Squid Game's Front Man identity revealed
Squid Game's Front Man identity revealed. Picture: Netflix

Who is Front Man in Squid Game?

In episode 8, Front Man's identity is revealed to be Detective Hwang Jun-ho's missing brother, In-ho.

Jun-ho becomes aware of the games at the start of the series after overhearing Seong Gi-hun's conversation at the police station. He decides to investigate the games, believing his missing brother to be one of the players. He goes undercover as one of the red workers and begins his search.

In episode 5, Jun-ho discovers a room full of files that include details of every single player that's ever played in the games. After discovering that his brother is not a player in the 2020 games, Jun-ho discovers a list of all the previous winners of the competition. He then finds out that his brother took part in, and eventually won, the 2015 games.

After finding the files, Jun-ho is identified as an intruder and escapes using diving equipment. He swims to a nearby island but is later cornered by Front Man and a group of red workers.

Front Man then reveals his true identity to a shocked Jun-ho. Jun-ho asks why In-ho did it, but Jun-ho is then shot in the shoulder by his brother, falling off the steep cliff into the sea.

In-ho returns to the games but it's not confirmed if Jun-ho is dead or alive.

WARNING: Major spoilers for Squid Game episode 9 ahead!

Front Man's identity is revealed in Squid Game episode 8
Front Man's identity is revealed in Squid Game episode 8. Picture: Netflix

How did Front Man end up in charge of the games?

Squid Game doesn't explain how In-ho became Front Man but it's assumed that, as a previous winner of the games, he was asked to take on the position by Oh Il-nam, the old man who is later revealed as the true host of the games.

In episode 9, after we see Il-nam pass away as Gi-hun came to seek answers, viewers are then shown a flashback of Il-nam asking Front Man to greet the guests instead of him. Front Man then takes on the role as host, while Il-nam plays the game as Player 001.

In the final scene, we find out that In-ho continues on as the Front Man of the 2021 games after Gi-hun calls the number to register, with plans to take the games down.

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