Squid Game fans are devastated over what happens in episode 6

30 September 2021, 22:40

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Squid Game episode 6 is by FAR the most devastating episode of the entire show. Spoilers ahead!

Please raise your hand if you have been personally victimised – and emotionally compromised – by Squid Game episode 6. Because, same.

Netflix's Korean survival thriller series is packed full of high-stakes games, deadly fights and violent scenes but viewers are being caught off guard by the absolutely devastating ending of the sixth episode of the series.

Squid Game episode 6, titled 'Gganbu', sees the players pair up in teams of two for the fifth round of the competition - a game of marbles. It's soon revealed that they will not be competing with their partner, but against them. Only one member of the team will make it out of the round alive.

The entire episode in tense from start to finish but the emotional ending has left fans sobbing in front of their screens. It's by far the most emotional episode of the series, with several fan favourite characters facing the end of their Squid Game journey.

WARNING: Major spoilers for Squid Game episode 6 and beyond ahead!

What happens to Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong (240)?

Instead of playing a game, Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong decide to talk until the time is almost up. They open up about their lives, their hopes and dreams, and end up getting to know each other.

In the end, the two decide to throw a marble to see who can get it closest to the wall. Sae-byeok throws hers, but instead of throwing, Ji-yeong gives up and drops hers to the floor, losing the game. Ji-yeong says she has no reason to win and sacrifices herself so that Sae-byeok still has a shot of reuniting with her family. Ji-yeong then smiles and thanks Sae-byeok before being shot.

The moment is absolutely heartbreaking and fans can't cope. They could have been there for each other on the outside world! It's not fairrrr!

What happens to Sang-woo and Ali?

And now for the one of the show's most devastating twists... Sang-woo and Ali decide to play odds and evens with their marbles, but after Sang-woo begins to lose, he persuades Ali to change the game.

He tells Ali that they can both win by teaming up, but ultimately betrays him in order to ensure his own survival. Sang-woo walks away and approaches the guards, shows them that he has 20 marbles in his bag and walks out of the arena having completed the game. The camera then turns back to Ali who checks what's inside his bag...

It turns out that Sang-woo took Ali's marbles and filled his bag up with stones from a nearby plant pot. A devastated Ali realises the betrayal and is killed by the workers.

Everyone repeat after me through the tears: JUSTICE FOR ALI!!!!

What happens to Gi-hun and Il-nam (001)?

After wasted minutes spent following Player 001 around the arena, Gi-hun finally sits down with him to play odds and evens. Before they can finish their game, 001, who only has one marble left, begins to wander around the fake neighbourhood again.

He finally finds the house that he believes was his back when he was younger and then decides to make one last bet with Gi-hun. In the end, 001 gives Gi-hun his final marble and accepts his fate.

001 thanks Gi-hun for making his experience fun, saying it was a "great way to go" and reassures Gi-hun that everything is ok. Gi-hun hugs him and walks off with all 20 marbles as the timer hits zero. 001 remembers his name (Il-nam) just before a single gunshot is heard.

At this point in the series, viewers were left sobbing as they realise the old man's journey in the game has come to an emotional end...

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It's official: Squid Game episode 6 is truly the one of the most upsetting episodes of TV that Netflix has released this year.

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