This '13 Reasons Why' Spin-Off Idea Is GENIUS And Needs To Happen

31 May 2018, 14:12

13 Reasons Why Spin-Off
Picture: Netflix
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Should 13 Reasons Why get a spin-off? If it's anything like this idea, then we're definitely on board.

Whether you're a fan of 13 Reasons Why or not, we can all agree that the Netflix series has certainly sparked a LOT of conversation over the past year and has had us passionately gripped no matter what side of the fence you're on.

The second season of the show dropped on Netflix on May 18 and has already managed to infuriate various organisations - and viewers - with its graphic rape scene and controversial (almost) school shooting. Calls have already been made for the streaming service to pull the plug on developing a third season of the show and fans aren't really that keen on it either.

But someone might have just come up with an idea for a companion series type spin-off and it's high-key genius.


At the end of season two, we find out that Hannah had actually written a list of '11 Reasons Why Not' where she detailed all the reasons she had to keep living. On the list, Hannah mentions her parents ("they will blame themselves") and hopes for her future ("New York: I could get there someday" & "Writing: I might, might write something great one day"). Clay also features on the list twice.

The scene is a bittersweet realisation for Hannah's parents, Clay and the audience as it shows the tiny bit of hope Hannah still had left in spite of everything. Unfortunately, no one was able to remind her of those important reasons before she took her own life.

Twitter user ItsShelbyMariee suggested that Netflix should launch a 13 Reasons Why spin-off series based on Hannah's '11 Reasons' list to act as companion series that highlights the ways in which Hannah's life could have changed had she focused on that list instead and found help instead of taking her own life.

She also added that the alternate reality spin-off would mean the talented Katherine Langford, who confirmed that she will not return as Hannah if the third season goes ahead, could still stay on board with the show.

The tweet itself has managed to snag almost 25k retweets and 113k likes and it seems like it's a VERY popular idea with the fans of the show.

A Sliding Doors type sideways reality that runs parallel with the original series? Ummmm, that's a really great idea - we would 100% take this over another bleak season of the show.

In all seriousness, it would actually do the show a lot of good too. One of the main criticisms of the entire series is that it offers its young audience, who are more than likely dealing with some of the same problems as Hannah, very little in terms of how to overcome these issues and seek help. The first season ends with a devastating sense of hopelessness for those who find themselves struggling with their own issues and perpetuates the idea that, in the end, suicide is the best and only option. (It's not. It never is.)

Many believe that if the show claims to be "raising awareness", it should actively highlight ways in which things can get better in this type of situation. By displaying both sides of Hannah's decision (the one to take her own life and the one where either she seeks help or her friends and family reach out or she survives her suicide attempt), it opens up an entirely new conversation, a healthier and more positive one that would provide audiences with a much more sensible and helpful message.

It's not too far off the source material either, Hannah Baker survives her suicide attempt in the original book after all and the proposed synopsis of that story sounds like something that would go down well with the show's audience.

Netflix, what you saying?