Sofia Carson defends Netflix's Purple Hearts following huge backlash

15 August 2022, 17:35

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Purple Hearts has received widespread negative reviews and has been accused of being "racist, military propaganda".

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Sofia Carson has addressed the backlash surrounding Purple Hearts and defended the Netflix film in a brand new interview.

Ever since Purple Hearts came out on Netflix last month (Jul 29), the movie has divided viewers. Purple Hearts tells the story of a liberal aspiring singer named Cassie (Sofia Carson) who has diabetes and struggles to afford insulin. Cassie agrees to marry a right-wing marine and former addict named Luke (Nicholas Galitzine) so that they can get health insurance.

While fake married, Cassie and Luke fall in love, and, while some people love the relationship, others have accused the film of being racist, misogynistic and military propaganda. In one scene, one of Luke's marine friends toasts to "hunting down Arabs" and Luke engages in it. While Cassie calls Luke out for it, it's unclear if he actually confronts his racism.

Purple Hearts is currently the Number 1 movie on Netflix and now Sofia has reacted to the controversy that it's sparked.

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Sofia Carson defends Netflix's Purple Hearts following huge backlash
Sofia Carson defends Netflix's Purple Hearts following huge backlash. Picture: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic, Netflix

Speaking to Variety, Sofia explained: "Why I fell in love with the movie is that it’s a love story but it’s so much more than that. It’s two hearts, one red, one blue, two worlds apart, who are really raised to hate each other." She said: "Through the power of love, they learn to lead with empathy and compassion and love each other and turn into this beautiful shade of purple."

Sofia added: "We wanted to represent both sides as accurately as possible. What I think I’ve learned to do as an artist - is separate myself from all of that and just listen to what the world is feeling and reacting to with the film. That has been so beautifully overwhelming and so many people have felt seen or are comforted by this movie."

By contrast, viewers continue to slam the movie online. One person tweeted: "the way purple hearts isn't even subtle but blatantly anti arab anti hispanic racist misogynistic AND pro military propaganda but ppl are frothing at the mouth bc enemies to lovers".

Someone else wrote: "everyone hyped up purple hearts on tiktok because its enemies to lovers but what they failed to mention is that they're 'enemies' because the guy is a racist conservative & the girl is a minority liberal".

Nicholas Galitzine, who plays Luke, is yet to address the criticism surrounding the film. We shall update you if he does.

What do you think of Purple Hearts?

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