The Simpsons' predictions for 2021 are scarily accurate and fans are shook

12 January 2021, 09:19

VP Mike Pence tells pro-Trump rioters- “You did not win”

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Seven days into January 2021 and it looks like one of The Simpsons' predictions is already coming true.

The Simpsons has a history of making scarily accurate predictions and it looks like their predictions for 2021 are no different.

Yesterday (Jan 6), Donald Trump supporters broke into the Capitol Building after AP announced that the Democrats had won control of the senate in the Georgia election. Footage of the terrorists rioting and stealing immediately went viral online with many people calling out the violence of the perpetrators and the total lack of action from law enforcement to stop them.

Four people have since died in the attack. In the wake of the distressing news, The Simpsons fans have noticed that the TV show essentially predicted that something like this would happen in January 2021 in their Halloween special last year.

What are The Simpsons 2021 predictions?

Simpsons 2021 predictions: Fans can't believe how accurate they are
Simpsons 2021 predictions: Fans can't believe how accurate they are. Picture: Fox

In The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXXI, it's US election day in 2020 and Homer sleeps right through it. We're then shown Inauguration Day, 20 January 2021, and full-on chaos has ensured. The series depicts a Doomsday apocalypse in which the US has turned to war. While an apocalypse is yet to unfold, the similarities between the episode and real-life are evident.

One person tweeted a screenshot from the episode writing: "i wanna know who actually are the writers of the simpsons". Other fans then began sharing other clips from the show which line-up with what's happened. In one still, Homer steals government property. In another, characters can be seen rioting and breaking into a government building.

This isn't the first time that The Simpsons have appeared to predict recent events either. In the past, fans have argued that it predicted Trump's rise to power and the coronavirus pandemic.

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXXI also predicts global famine and robots overtaking the world this year, so fingers crossed that none of those predictions come true.

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