Elite Short Stories recap: Here's what happens to Guzman, Caye and Rebe

14 June 2021, 11:46

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Elite Historias Breves (or Elite Short Stories) is here! Here's what happens in episode 1 with Guzmán, Caye and Rebe – spoilers ahead!

Elite season 4 might be a few days away from its Netflix release, but the streaming service is supplying us with some extra sexy Spanish content while we wait, in the form of Elite Short Stories (or Elite Historias Breves).

Elite Week is set to consist of 4 short episodes with 3 parts each that will follow the lives of the characters during the summer between the events of season 3 and season 4. The first one to be released is all about Guzmán, Caye and Rebe.

Now, Elite may be billed as a 'teen drama' but, after the drug-fuelled escapades that Guzmán, Caye and Rebe find themselves in in this episode, is actually might be a comedy. Here's your recap of Elite Short Stories episode 1. Spoilers ahead!

What happens in Elite Short Stories: Guzmán Caye Rebe?

Elite Short Stories recap: What happens to Guzman, Caye and Rebe?
Elite Short Stories recap: What happens to Guzman, Caye and Rebe? Picture: Netflix


Rebe has moved into a new house with her mother after the events of season 3, so it's only right that she throws a house warming party, right? Ander and Omar were already there, but they left before Guzmán and Caye arrive. They also leave behind a tasty 'lil snack for the group, in the form of a mushroom-infused cake. Of course, the three of them start eating it and... all sorts of chaos ensues.


It's been 3 weeks since Nadia left for New York with Lu, and Guzmán is missing her. He arrives at Rebe's house party and continues to wait for Nadia to reply to his messages. During Rebe's house party, Guzmán discovers that Rebe's mother still has a stash of cocaine hidden in the house.


Cayetana is still feeling the after effects of Polo's death. She also reveals to Rebe and Guzmán that she is now the janitor at Las Encinas. After eating the drug-infused cake, Caye tells Rebe and Guzmán that she "killed her mother when she was 12". This, thankfully, turns out to be fake. She told everyone that her mother died just so she could get out of taking an exam. It's another glimpse into Caye's expert lying abilities, which later turn out to play a huge part in the episode.

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After getting high on Omander's cake, the trio discover two armed men trying to get into the house. They soon realise that it probably has something to do with the cocaine stash that Rebe's drug lord mother had hidden away in the bathroom.

Guzmán wants to give the bags of coke to the guys just so they will leave. Rebe doesn't want to do that, as she explains that her mother is planning on selling it so they can have money to start a new, legit life (lol, whatever you say, Sandra!) Caye, who is still high on mushrooms, has other plans and threatens to stab Guzmán while he's holding the bags of cocaine.

When the two armed men eventually enter the house, they then find Caye covered in blood and cocaine, with a huge knife in her hands...and Rebe and Guzmán "dead" on the floor. She manages to scare them away, before Rebe and Guzmán get up, revealing that they staged a murder using red nail varnish as a substitute for blood. And the Academy Award for Best Performance goes to Cayetana Grajero Pando!

Still high on mushrooms, the trio sit in the bathroom wondering what the fuck just happened. A distraught Caye reveals that she's done with all the lying, Guzmán finally gets a text back from Nadia (yaaay!) and Rebe issues another ultimatum about her mum's drug business.

It's not yet clear how much of this (particularly Rebe's drug-dealing mother being back on her bullshit and Caye's obvious trauma) will play into Elite season 4. We'll just have to wait until Friday to find out.

The next Elite Short Stories episode airs tomorrow (June 15) with Nadia and Guzmán.