Shipwrecked 2019's Tom Wotton - Age, Job, Instagram & Possible Romance

28 January 2019, 16:30

Tom Wotton is a castaway on Shipwrecked 2019
Tom Wotton is a castaway on Shipwrecked 2019. Picture: Instagram/@TomWotton

Let's meet one of the newest cast members of E4's Shipwrecked which kicks off this week, he's ripped and training to be a marine, and yes, he's just as good looking as you're expecting him to be.

As Shipwrecked gets ready to kick off for it's first series of the new series since it wound down all the way back in 2012 (which is making us feel seriously old), and Vick Hope's got us all kinds of hyped up by saying the show is 'like reality TV used to be' and more natural than shows like Love Island.

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How old is Tom Wotton?

Tom's 20-years-old and he's already managed to land himself a slot on Shipwrecked, not bad going at all. He does, however, say that he has an 'old-school mind set.'

Where is Tom Wotton from?

Good ol' Devon in the South West of England, so he should have had plenty of practice being on beaches and what not.

What does Tom do?

Tom is a student studying industrial design at Loughborough University and because that doesn't sound hectic enough, he is also training for the marines which goes some way to explain his pretty ripped bod.

What is Tom Wotton's dream job?

Well, to be quite honest, from his Instagram, Tom's dream job is to be a scuba diver instructor on a tropical island, so he really is headed in the right direction.

Is Tom outdoorsy?

Aside from training as an actual marine, which we assume involves a whole lot of being outdoors, Tom also has what appears to be a year round tan from all of his travelling adventures and we reckon he's going to make a pretty useful islander.

Does Kalia Lai have a romance on Shipwrecked?

We aren't sure yet, but he's said on Instagram "If anyone wants to see me look like a tool on TV tune into #Shipwrecked on E4 at [9pm]" and we're not sure whether to interpret that as a yes?

What is Tom's Instagram?

You can follow all of Tom's travel updates (it looks like he's already been on the Shipwrecked island from all his enviable IG shots) by following his Instagram Tom_Wotton.

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