Shipwrecked 2019 Contestant: Who Is Kush Khanna? His Age, Job And Relationship Status Revealed

31 January 2019, 12:42

Shipwrecked is back on TV screens after a seven year break.
Shipwrecked is back on TV screens after a seven year break. Picture: Instagram

Shipwrecked has returned to TV screens and we’ve got to know the new contestant Kush Khanna.

The cast of Shipwrecked 2019 are battling it out on two islands for the £50,000 prize money, but viewers are desperate to find out who’s who.

Kush Khanna is one of the contestants, but who is he? We've got you covered.

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What’s Kush Khanna’s age and job?

Kush is 26-years-old was a recruitment manager by day but also a singer and actor. You can even find his tracks on Spotify.

Where is Kush Khanna from?


What acting work has Kush Khanna done?

Kush starred in the 2018 movie Boogie Man.

Does he have any tattoos?

A couple, but it looks like he wants one more…

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I think I want one more tattoo... 🦕

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What's Kush Khanna's Instagram handle?

Kush has 4.5k followers and you can him over at @kushting. He doesn’t shy away from a good ol’ selfie.

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Bright eyed and bushy tailed

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Is Shipwrecked contestant Kush Khanna single?

Kush arrived on the island single and ready to mingle. Although it's not yet known whether he found love.

Why is Kush on Shipwrecked?

Because he is the “director of fun” duh.

When is Shipwrecked on TV?

Shipwrecked airs weeknights at 9 pm on E4

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