Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn blasts "sick" rumour she faked her pregnancy

29 November 2021, 11:58

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn shows off her new hair

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Christine welcomed a baby boy via emergency C-section in May.

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Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn has called out the "sick" rumours that she faked her entire pregnancy.

In May, the Netflix star welcomed her first child, a baby boy named named Christian Georges Dumontet, with her husband Christian Richard. Christine documented her pregnancy on season 4 of Selling Sunset, however, some people have accused her of faking the whole thing and secretly using a surrogate. There's even a whole Reddit post that has insisted that Christine's pregnancy timeline doesn't add up.

On Saturday (Nov 27), Christine shared a screenshot of a private message she received about her pregnancy on Instagram. The message read: "Why did you fake your pregnancy? It's totally OK to admit to having a surrogate but don't set unrealistic expectations for PP moms when you didn't even carry the baby yourself. It's deceitful and a shame."

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Selling Sunset&squot;s Christine Quinn blasts "sick" rumour she faked her pregnancy
Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn blasts "sick" rumour she faked her pregnancy. Picture: Netflix, @thechristinequeen via Instagram

In response, Christine said: "K y'all are beyond fucking sick."Christine then headed to Twitter and blasted the rumours again. She tweeted: "For all y'all still mad on pregnancy gate please go look at my ig stories. And apologize. This is seriously so hurtful." Christine later retweeted numerous posts that defended her.

A journalist also shared screenshots of that viral Reddit post that questioned Christine's pregnancy, alongside the caption: "The streets are saying Christine may have faked her pregnancy on this season of #sellingsunset and you know what? I kinda buy it."

Christine then clapped back: "You are the type of person that thinks the covid vaccine has a microchip tracking device in it."

Christine has been incredibly open about her pregnancy and her son's extremely traumatic birth after the umbilical cord became wrapped around him. The nurse even told Christine's husband that he might have to choose between saving her life or saving their son's.

In an emotional confessional on Selling Sunset, Christine said: "I just remember before I went under the anaesthesia, hearing the baby's heart rate was going down, and they were afraid it was gonna stop. That's the last thing I heard…until I woke up. So it was a nightmare, it was literally a nightmare."

"We're thankful to say that all three of us were able to come home from the hospital, and we're just counting our blessings each and every day."

Christine welcomed her baby boy in May.
Christine welcomed her baby boy in May. Picture: Netflix

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