Chrishell Stause claps back at Selling Sunset blind date Robert on social media

16 December 2021, 20:35

Selling Sunset's Mary teases big season 5 drama

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Robert Drenk accused Chrishell of "hiding" her relationship with Jason when they met at the awkward boat party – and Chrishell is having none of it.

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Just when you thought the main discourse about all the Selling Sunset season 4 drama was going to be about Christine Quinn, it looks like Chrishell Stause and her boat party blind date Robert have come to snatch the crown.

In episode 7, the Oppenheim Group staff enjoyed a boat party and Heather invites one of her husband Tarek's friends, Robert Drenk, hoping to set him up with Chrishell.

The whole thing is awkward to watch and the vibes are off, but the party then gets even more awkward when Robert physically picks Chrishell up while she's dancing with her friends and brings her back to the table to sit with him, because she's "too hot" and he has to "cool her off".

In a later interview, Chrishell confesses that Robert's move didn't impress her at all, and that she wasn't really into the guy.

Now, Chrishell and Robert are exchanging comments on social media about the whole situation - and Chrishell is not having any of it.

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Selling Sunset's Chrishell claps back blind date Robert on Twitter
Selling Sunset's Chrishell claps back blind date Robert on Twitter. Picture: Netflix

Earlier this month, Netflix shared a clip of the awkward moment on Twitter alongside the caption: "What Not To Do On A Blind Date* – *as demonstrated by Chrishell's date on Selling Sunset."

Responding to a tweet from a viewer who noted that "the whole scene was cringe, even their dance move was cringe...[sic]," Chrishell playfully defended herself and her co-stars by revealing that "this is not the song we were dancing to", and agreeing that they all "look manic."

Then Robert replied to Chrishell's comment, writing: "In your defense would you say the real reason the date went sideways from the second I showed up was because your boyfriend Jason was right there? I guess hiding your man from the man that came to a blind date makes for lots of cringe."

Chrishell then took the opportunity to clarify the timeline, and address Robert's comment: "Oh hi Robert! Jason was not my boyfriend here. In fact that step came much later. But if thinking that makes you feel better about your behavior, I get it."

Chrishell Stause responds to Selling Sunset blind date Robert
Chrishell Stause responds to Selling Sunset blind date Robert. Picture: Twitter

Robert then replied to Chrishell again, saying: "That’s not what the internet is saying… and by much later you mean when we were all in vegas a week after? Sure looked that way."

But Chrishell was still not having it, and urged Robert to "take the L". In response to his comment, she wrote: "You never pick up a woman w/o permission & if she wants to leave, refusing to get up to let me out was ridiculous. Jason & I did hook up in Vegas that weekend actually after he had put it out there but I wasn’t sure.

Thank you for showing me what I did NOT want."

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Chrishell Stause claps back at blind date Robert's comments
Chrishell Stause claps back at blind date Robert's comments. Picture: Twitter

Buuuuut, Robert unfortunately did not take the L and he still carried on tweeting at Chrishell. He replied: “I’d buy that whole line but you were rude from the first second I stepped on the boat. If that’s how you meet men on dates it explains a lot and trust me I took the W."

To that, Chrishell simply, and expertly, responded with a GIF of her from the show saying, "Bye Robert."

Then, Chrishell's colleague and friend Heather jumped in to defend Chrishell, tweeting at Robert: "You actually don’t know the timeline. The only person that knows the truth is Chrishell. Everyone might think they know and speculate but to be honest you don’t know. It’s time to stop. It is what it is, it’s time to MoveOn."

Selling Sunset's Heather defends Chrishell after Robert's comments
Selling Sunset's Heather defends Chrishell after Robert's comments. Picture: Twitter

Anywaaaaaay, there's your latest update on all the Selling Sunset drama from season 4.

Selling Sunset season 5 is set to return in early 2022 (allegedly, according to Mary Fitzgerald's latest comments), where we'll all be treated to a front row seat to see Chrishell and Jason's romance play out on screen. And we can't wait.

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