Selling Sunset's Mary Fitzgerald breaks silence on fallout with Christine Quinn

3 November 2021, 12:14

Christine Quinn opens up about Chrishell and Jason’s relationship

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

It looks like there will be a lot of drama between Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn in Selling Sunset season 4.

Mary Fitzgerald has opened up about her relationship with Christine Quinn and revealed that they are "not in a good place".

Selling Sunset fans will be well aware that Mary and Christine used to be close when the first season of the show aired back in 2019. However, since then, the pair have grown apart and Mary has become good friends with her co-star Chrishell, who often is at odds with Christine in the series. Now it appears that Christine and Mary are simply no longer friends at all.

Speaking to the Daily Star about Christine, Mary explained: "Things have happened that mean we aren’t on good terms."

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Selling Sunset's Mary Fitzgerald breaks silence on Christine Quinn fallout
Selling Sunset's Mary Fitzgerald breaks silence on Christine Quinn fallout. Picture: @themaryfitzgerald via Instagram, Netflix

Mary went on to say: "You can’t be friends with everybody. And although Christine and I have been close in the past, things have changed. It wasn’t healthy." She added that it "turned toxic" and said: "It got to a point where I couldn’t go through it anymore. I couldn’t keep going through the ups and downs and always feeling like I’d been betrayed."

Mary continued: "I am able to stand up for myself now and I chose to get out of a toxic situation. I’ve chosen not to have that friendship in my life."

As it stands, it's currently unclear exactly what has happened between the former friends but Selling Sunset season 4 is due out this year and we imagine we'll find out what went down in it.

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Mary also revealed that filming season 4 was difficult for her. She said: "I had a lot of ­anxiety about filming this series. I was very nervous about it. And having everyone around the world putting out their thoughts on you is stressful as well."

She added: "My husband (Romain Bonnet) helped me deal with it in a healthy way, so I now have a therapist that comes over. I want to be on the right path and think in the right way. It is good to have preventative treatment."

Selling Sunset season 4 airs on Netflix on November 24th.

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