Did Selling Sunset's Davina Potratz sell the $75 million house?

10 August 2020, 17:01

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Has Adnan Sen's $75 million house sold? Is the listing still with The Oppenheim Group? Let's find out...

If you're as Selling Sunset obsessed as the rest of the world is right now, there's probably a burning question you want answered – did Davina Potratz ever sell Adnan Sen's massive $75 million listing?

In Season 2, we were introduced to Adnan Sen, a Turkish luxury property developer, who had spent almost four years building his mega mansion on North Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. Set on over one acre of land, the impressive 18,000 sq ft property boasts seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, as well as an additional two bedrooms and two bathrooms in the guesthouse.

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After much persuasion Davina managed to bag the listing with just a few months to find a potential buyer. It was the biggest listing The Oppenheim Group had ever taken on and Davina was set to rake in a whopping $1 million commission.

Boss Jason Oppenheim wasn't so optimistic about the listing, though, doubting it would sell and insisting the mansion was way too overpriced. Alas, Davina was determined to prove him wrong and decided to use her contacts and hopefully sell the house.

Did Davina Potratz sell Adnan Sen's $75 million house?
Did Davina Potratz sell Adnan Sen's $75 million house? Picture: Netflix

Well, onto Season 3 and the house still hadn't sold. Davina even got Christine Quinn to help with the listing and Christine got her millionaire husband Christian Richard's help too, but after a spat with Davina she decided she couldn't help.

Adnan, becoming even more distressed that his house wouldn't sell and reluctant to bring the price down, started to lose hope in Davina. Meanwhile, Jason proceeded to gloat that he was in fact right all along about the house, which only made Davina threaten to leave the brokerage and set up shop on her own.

Adnan Sen Selling Sunset
Adnan Sen Selling Sunset. Picture: Netflix

Did Davina sell the $75 million house?

We see Davina ask for more time to sell the house – but did she ever manage to sell it? Well, according to Oppenheim Group's website, the $75 million Beverly Hills estate is still an active listing. Yikes.

That means Davina still hasn't managed to find a buyer for the house and considering her divisive nature and confidence that the house would sell, viewers felt ever so smug when they discovered the news.

There's no news on when or if Selling Sunset will return for a fourth season, but if it does, no doubt we'll be seeing more of what's going on with the infamous $75 million mega mansion.

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