Netflix secret codes: How to unlock hidden Valentine's Day movies

14 February 2020, 15:40

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Fancy a good old cry, a good old laugh at your love life, or in the mood to be a hopeless romantic? We got you.

Whether your plans for Valentine's Day involve peacefully binge-watching your favourite rom-com, or arguing for hours on end with you other half about what exactly you're going to watch, Netflix may have just come up with the solution to end all problems.

Thank God for secret codes, right?

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Ok, not-as-secret as they sound, they're actually a pretty handy and useful tool to use on the platform, and categorise all of the best romance movies into sections, so you can separate your Love Actually's from your To All The Boys I've Loved Before's and avoid any unwanted crying sessions if you're just looking for a good laugh.

Netflix Romance Movies
Picture: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/New Line Cinema

It's actually super simple to use and anyone with an account can access them...

You'll need the URL and then add one of the following codes at the end of it to get a unique sub-genre:

Romantic Favourites - 502675

Valentine's Day Favourites - 1952249

Romantic - 100052

Romantic Films - 8883

Feel-good Romantic Films - 35714

Romantic Teen Comedies - 3186

Romantic Teen Comedies - 3186

Romantic Comedies - 5475

Steamy Romantic Films - 35800

Feel-good Romantic Comedies - 35797

Comedies for Hopeless Romantics - 81506

Romantic Teen Films - 1764

Romantic Dramas - 1255

There's everything from Legally Blonde (is that even romance? we'll back it), to The Kissing Booth and La La Land, so there's no shortage of viewing for a back-to-back movie marathon, whether you're in a single, couple or somewhere in-between.

Happy Valentine's Day!