The Second Black Hood Was Finally Revealed On "Riverdale"

17 May 2018, 13:40

Second Black Hood Riverdale
Picture: The CW
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Is the Black Hood storyline finally over? HA! Probably not... but we have finally caught our culprit.

The finale of Riverdale season two has arrived and it's safe to say that the internet will be reeling for quite a long time. After an incredible 22 episode build up of drama, romance, tears, gang-wars, underage webcamming, adultery and murder, the season came to a jaw-dropping finale with almost everyone's lives and sanity hanging in the balance.

The episode also saw the apparent end of the Black Hood saga that has haunted us since May of last year. With Hal Cooper locked up in jail like Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs (honestly, who knew how much of a creep Hal was?), it was left to Archie to uncover the mystery behind the second shooter once and for all... and we may have finally just got the answer we were looking for this entire time.



In the episode, we see Archie hell bent on proving to Sheriff Minetta that there's a second Black Hood. Minetta isn't convinced but Archie isn't gonna let this one go. Some time later, Minetta pulls Archie and Fred into the station where he proceeds to tell them that the second Hood has been captured after an "anonymous tip" and after a brief exchange of fire, is now dead. So handy. So convenient.

But who was it? Who was the one who attempted to shoot Fred at the debate and in his house? It was exactly who you thought it was this entire time - Tall Boy, the disgraced Serpent.


Tall Boy has been a strong suspect from the very first episode. Despite looking suspiciously similar to the man under the hood, it turns out that he was also working with Hiram. As the season delved deeper and deeper into Hiram's shady goings on, it was revealed that Tall Boy was the one who decapitated the statue in order to place blame on the Serpents and take them down from within. He was later exiled from the gang, just like Penny Peabody.

But, as we find out at the end of the episode, Hiram has been working with Sheriff Minetta (and Penny, Malachai, Penelope and Claudius) and everything that we thought we had just made sense of, is probably not true. Classic Riverdaleeeeee!

Could Hiram have actually called for Tall Boy's death just to tie up lose ends and get Archie off his back? Because it worked... Archie certainly took that bait. Veronica also mentioned to her father that she believed he'd hired Claudius to do the bidding and the terrorisation. And now we know that Claudius is working with Hiram, could that have just been a protection tactic?

Or was Sheriff Minetta just lying about it? Remember, if we haven't seen a dead boy, it probably means they're still alive. Odds on Tall Boy showing up in season three under Hiram's orders? HIGH.

Whatever happened and whoever the second shooter might be, we're pretty sure it isn't the last we've heard of them. Strap in, season three is about to go NUCLEAR. Oh, and if you're already dying about what's gonna happen in the third season, here's everything we know so far...