Is Iván dead in Elite season 6 and who hit him? The ending explained

18 November 2022, 16:13

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Who dies in Elite season 6? Here's what happens in the Netflix drama's most dramatic season yet.

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Elite season 6 is here and it features everything from death to betrayal. How does Elite season 6 end though...and who dies?

The sixth season of Elite picks up right where season 5 leaves off. In the wake of Samuel's death, Ari, Patrick and Mencía are forced to contend with the fact that their father was responsible for his death. Meanwhile, Isadora is still coming to terms with the fact that her classmates sexually assaulted her. Season 6 sees her seek to get some semblance of justice for what happened to her.

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On top of that, in the first episode, we see that Iván is run over in a hit-and-run accident. Is he dead though and who was it that hit him? Here's our extensive breakdown of the Elite season 6 ending and which characters make it out of it alive.

Who hit Iván in Elite season 6? - SPOILERS BELOW

Elite season 6 ending explained: Is Iván dead and who hit him?
Elite season 6 ending explained: Is Iván dead and who hit him? Picture: Netflix

Elite season 6 features many twists and turns. One of the first shock moments is that Iván's dad Cruz is killed in a hate crime after he publicly comes out as gay. In the wake of Cruz's death, Patrick and Iván struggle to make it work as a couple. After a fight at Cruz's memorial party, Iván storms out of the event. He tries to hail a cab but is then run over by a mystery car.

The season slowly pieces together what happened. At the beginning of the final episode, it looks as though Mencía was the person responsible. She wakes up in the car that hit Iván. When Ari calls her to tell her that Iván is in the hospital after a hit-and-run, Mencía pieces together that she must have done it by accident after her drink was spiked at the party.

Ari then helps Mencía hide the car and persuades her to testify that their father wasn't responsible for Samuel's death so that he can get out of jail and help them. Ari also persuades Patrick that he and Iván are better off apart. We then see all three siblings move far away from Las Encinas with their father at the end of the episode.

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However, in a final flashback, we learn that Sara saw Mencía drugged and stumbling outside of the club and decided to drive her home. Mencía then passed out in the car and Sara accidentally hit Iván. Sara phoned Raúl for help and Raúl persuaded her to frame Mencía by moving her into the driver's seat!

Finally, we see Iván appear to wake up in the hospital. In other words, it looks as though our messy fave is alive.

Who dies in Elite season 6?

Who dies in Elite season 6?
Who dies in Elite season 6? Picture: Netflix

CONTENT WARNING: The rest of this article contains details of sexual assault that some readers may find triggering and disturbing.

Elsewhere in the season 6 finale, Javier reports Hugo and Alex to the police when he sees them attempt to rape another girl. He also turns himself in for gang-raping Isadora in season 5 and apologises to her. While Isadora is still heavily traumatised by what happened, the season ends with her and Dídac appearing to have a go at making a relationship work.

However, just as we see Isadora and Dídac kissing at school, a huge black car speeds past Las Encinas and starts open firing on the students. The season then ends and it's unclear if Isadora and Dídac are safe or harmed. It's likely that the upcoming season of Elite will explore who is behind the shooting and who is harmed by it.

On top of all of that, Ari gets pregnant with Iván's baby in season 6 after a spur-of-the-moment hookup (!) and has an abortion. We also see fan faves Rocío and Bilal go from enemies to lovers and Nico goes through with his surgery.

With many new characters joining the show next season, we imagine that plenty more chaos awaits us in season 7.

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