Who dies in Elite season 5? The ending explained

8 April 2022, 16:56

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Here's what happens to Samuel, Iván, Patrick and the rest of the Elite characters in season 5.

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The wait is over. Elite season 5 is officially out on Netflix and the ending is arguably the most shocking ending in Elite history.

Elite season 5 picks up right where season 4 left off. The disappearance of Armando still weighs heavy on all the students of Las Encinas, in particular, Samuel and Rebeka, who know what really happened to him. Not to mention, two new students, Iván (André Lamoglia) and Isadora (Valentina Zenere) join the school and quickly become entangled in its ongoing drama.

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How does Elite season 5 end though and does anyone die? Here's our breakdown of what happens in the show.


Who dies in Elite season 5? The ending explained
Who dies in Elite season 5? The ending explained. Picture: Netflix

In Elite season 5, episode 1, we're shown a seemingly dead body dripping with blood in a pool and it's only in episode 4 that we learn that it's Samuel. Throughout the season, we then gradually learn exactly what led to him ending up face-down in a pool, who was responsible for it and whether or not Samuel is actually dead or if there's a chance he could still be alive.

Midway through the season, Armando's body is found. Guzmán is, of course, responsible but Samuel and Rebeka are intent on protecting him, leaving them and the entire Blanco family as suspects. Benjamín then persuades Samuel to confess by promising him that he will pay for the best lawyers to protect him and give him a prosperous future.

However, when Samuel is arrested, Benjamín does nothing to help get him out of jail. Meanwhile, the police tell Samu that Benjamín and Armando were behind a network trafficking data of "powerful people". They offer Samu immunity if he can provide evidence that successfully incriminates Benjamín.

Who kills Samuel in Elite season 5?

Who kills Samuel in Elite season 5?
Who kills Samuel in Elite season 5? Picture: Netflix

Samuel tells Rebeka about the offer from the police and together, with the help of Cayetana, they plan to expose Benjamín. Caye uses her cleaner's key and searches Benjamín's office for evidence. Meanwhile, Rebe and Samuel go to Benjamín's for dinner. Rebe searches Mencía has Armando's SIM card. Meanwhile, Samuel distracts Benjamín.

Caye is caught and fired as a cleaner. However, Rebe successfully gets the SIM. Samuel has doubts about giving it to the police and meets with Benjamín at his house. He decides to take the police's deal and Benjamín attacks him. He knocks Samu over. Samu's head cracks open on the side of pool and he falls into it, unconscious.

Is Samuel dead in Elite season 5?

Is Samuel dead in Elite season 5?
Is Samuel dead in Elite season 5? Picture: Netflix

Patrick then finds Benjamín freaking out. He tries to call an ambulance but Benjamín tells him it was an accident and tries to get Patrick to help him cover it up. They get Samuel out of the pool and Samuel suddenly becomes conscious. Ari, Mencía, Omar and Rebe then arrive and realise what Benjamín has done and Mencía calls the police on her own father.

We then see Samuel pass out as Rebe and Omar hold him crying. The police arrive and arrest Benjamín but we never see if Samuel is actually dead or if the ambulance came and he managed to survive. In other words, he could still be alive but we likely won't find out exactly what happened until Elite season 6 or a new series of Elite Short Stories.

What happens to the other characters?

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Elsewhere, Caye leaves behind the world of Las Encinas and starts dating Felipe, Phillipe helps Isadora officially report that she was raped in Ibiza and Patrick and Iván appear to work through their issues. Iván even appears to forgive his dad for seeing Patrick behind his back and Ari appears to accept that Iván loves Patrick instead of her.

As for Rebe and Omar, regardless of what happens to Samuel, we imagine that they will want to distance themselves from the Blanco family in the future and it looks like Rebe and Mencía could be over good.

As it stands, it's unclear if Samu, Rebe, Omar and Caye will return in Elite season 6 or not.

What do you think? Is Samuel dead?

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