Do Otis and Maeve end up together in Sex Education? Season 4 ending explained

22 September 2023, 13:43

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Otis and Maeve's relationship is tested by distance in Sex Education season 4. Here's how the show wraps up their relationship.

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Do Otis and Maeve end up together at the end of Sex Education season 4? Well, we finally have our answer as the final season of the Netflix series wraps up their storyline in an emotional way.

Since 2019, viewers have been on the edge of their seats wanting to know if Otis and Maeve would finally get together. The two classmates with absolutely nothing in common became friends after setting up their sex clinic, and it took them until season 3 to finally admit their feelings for one another.

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At the end of season 3, Otis and Maeve's newfound romance is interrupted by Maeve moving to America to study. Season 4 then sees the couple figure out how to juggle a long-distance relationship. But do they stay together?

Here's what happens to Otis and Maeve in Sex Education season 4 (Spoilers ahead, obviously!)

Sex Education ending: Do Otis and Maeve end up together?
Sex Education ending: Do Otis and Maeve end up together? Picture: Netflix

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Sex Education season 4's ending!

WARNING: Sex Education season 4 spoilers ahead!
WARNING: Sex Education season 4 spoilers ahead! Picture: Netflix

Are Otis and Maeve endgame in Sex Education?

Unfortunately, Otis and Maeve do not end up together at the end of Sex Education, but they do finally act on their feelings for each other.

At the start of season 4, Maeve is studying in the U.S. and Otis is still at home in Moordale. It's quickly revealed that the two are attempting to manage a long-distance relationship when they send each other nudes and have phone sex.

Maeve ends up coming back to Moordale at the end of episode 3 when she hears the news that her mum is in a serious condition in hospital. Maeve's mum dies and Otis is immediately there for her, but he's been hanging out with Ruby (in a platonic way) and he's feeling guilty about it.

Maeve and Otis go out on a date to the cinema (which is crashed by Otis' aunt Joanna) and the two then sneak into the locked grounds of Moordale Secondary. They attempt to have sex in the drained swimming pool but Otis can't do it because he feels guilty about spending the night with Ruby (in a platonic way!) They then get caught by the police and sustain a few injuries in the process. Maeve then finally meets Jean.

Do Otis and Maeve end up together in Sex Education season 4?
Do Otis and Maeve end up together in Sex Education season 4? Picture: Netflix

After that, they attempt to spend some more time together. Maeve ends up spending the day with Jean after Otis gets stuck in a lift at college and Jean ends up inadvertently persuading her to go back to America and continue her studies.

Otis arrives home and the two finally have sex, but Maeve tells Otis that she's decided to go back to the U.S. The next morning, Maeve says goodbye to Otis as he lies in bed with his eyes closed because he can't bare to watch her leave.

In the final episode, Otis reveals that he and Maeve have decided that it's best if they have no contact for a while.

And in the final ever scene, Otis discovers a handwritten letter from Maeve, thanking him for helping her open up and want to chase her dreams. In the letter, she writes: "I want you to know that however much it fucking hurts that we can’t be together, I won’t ever close myself off again. Meeting you cracked my heart open and now it’s forever changed. And because of that, I will carry part you with me wherever I go."

So there we have it! Otis and Maeve are not endgame, but their impact on each others lives will live on.

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