Elite season 4: Do Ander and Omar break up? Their storyline with Patrick explained

18 June 2021, 16:00

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Will Ander and Omar be in Elite season 5? Here's what happens to the couple after Patrick enters their lives.

Ander and Omar have survived three seasons of Elite as a couple. What happens to them in season 4 though? Do they last?

Elite season 4 came out today (Jun 18) on Netflix and there is a lot more Omander content for fans to enjoy. As soon as Elite first aired, viewers were obsessed with Ander and Omar's love story. Over the past three seasons, the pair have stuck with each other, no matter what life has thrown at them, and Aron Piper and Omar Ayuso have portrayed them beautifully.

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However, season 4 introduces a new gay character to the mix called Patrick and Ander and Omar's relationship is tested.

Do Ander and Omar break up in Elite season 4?

Elite season 4: Do Ander and Omar break up? Their storyline explained
Elite season 4: Do Ander and Omar break up? Their storyline explained. Picture: Netflix

As soon as new student Patrick (Manu Rios) starts studying at Las Encinas in Elite season 4, he takes an immediate liking to Ander. The two of them flirt and Ander later asks Omar if they can have a threesome with Patrick. Omar is unsure at first but he agrees. However, when Ander wants to do it again Omar says no and Ander has sex with Patrick behind Omar's back.

Angry, Omar then has sex with Patrick behind Ander's back. When Ander finds out, he decides that it's best to split up with Omar. Omar doesn't want to end things but the pair split and, just one day later, Omar sees Ander having sex with Patrick. However, Ander doesn't want to be exclusive with Patrick and he begins having sex with other boys.

Patrick and Omar then begin seeking comfort in each other and Ander gets jealous. As a result, he decides to go travelling instead of finishing his last year at Las Encinas. However, Omar realises that he isn't in love with Patrick and asks Ander if he'll get back together. Ander agrees and they celebrate New Year's Eve together.

Will Ander and Omar be in Elite season 5?

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Omar then realises that Ander has only decided not to travel so that they can stay together. He encourages him to leave and they decide to end things, as opposed to trying to do long distance, knowing that they still love each other and can always get back together in the future.

Season 4 ends with Ander leaving to travel with Guzmán and it seems like neither Arón Piper nor Miguel Bernardeau, who play them, will be in Elite season 5 now that their characters have left Las Encinas. So, after three seasons, Omander has officially come to an end.

As for what the future holds for Omar, it's possible that he will have a new love interest in season 4. We also imagine that Patrick will still be in his life, whether that's as a friend, enemy or lover. Also, Ander could make guest appearances in season 5.

In other words, Omander may be over for now but that doesn't mean they're over forever.

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