Winston and Monty's relationship could bring the group down in 13 Reasons Why season 4

27 August 2019, 13:21

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

After Monty and Winston became close in 13 Reasons Why season 3, Winston seems to be the only one willing to stick up for him. Could Winston seek justice for Monty in season 4?

Warning: This post contains major 13 Reasons Why season 3 spoilers.

13 Reasons Why season 3 posed some big questions for viewers. A missing persons inquiry soon evolved into the all important mystery of who killed Bryce Walker. Season 3 wrapped a little too neatly, though, with the murder of Bryce Walker being pinned on a recently-deceased Monty. The complicated cover-up could get even messier in 13 Reasons Why season 4, as fans guess that Ani's frame up could be unravelled by fellow newcomer Winston (played by Deaken Bluman).

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Let's be honest, viewers probably won't miss Monty much. His bullying reached new and uncomfortable heights in season 2 after his brutal assault on Tyler left the school outcast out for revenge. In season 3, we learn that Monty's problematic use of the f-word and other homophobic taunts were actually a result of internalised homophobia and a brutal upbringing.

13 Reasons Why Monty and Tyler
13 Reasons Why Monty and Tyler. Picture: Netflix

This season it was revealed that Monty is gay and a chance encounter with a guy named Winston could throw a major wrench in the group's story come season 4.

In the season 3 finale, the group agree on a set of events that pins the murder of Bryce Walker on Monty De La Cruz. However, on the night of Bryce's death, Winston and Monty were having sex, making it impossible that he killed his former teammate and friend. In the end, the story works out perfectly for the group as Deputy Standall reveals that Monty was killed in his jail cell – meaning that there is no one to refute the story.

However, in the final moments of season 3 episode 13, Winston confronts Ani about what she told the police and even offers up an alibi for Monty. "He didn't kill Bryce, he was with me," Winston tells Ani.

Winston then argues that Monty "was a human being", implying that even he didn't deserve to be framed in death.

Winston and Ani talk in season 3 episode 13
Winston and Ani talk in season 3 episode 13. Picture: Netflix

The murder mystery was wrapped up a little too neatly, which could hint that Winston may be inclined to pursue justice for Monty in season 4. If that is the case, everyone from Alex and Jessica to Ani and Deputy Standall are in the line of fire.

Between the guns dug out of the lake and Winston being an extremely loose end in the cover up, the group will no doubt have some huge fires to put out in season 4.

What do you guys think? Is Winston going to try and get justice for Monty in season 4?