KJ Apa Is Being ROASTED By His Castmates Over This New ‘Riverdale’ Poster

6 September 2018, 12:38

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Clearly all the fame has given KJ a massive head..."

There's just over one month to go until Riverdale returns to our screens with its third season and info about the show's terrifying new mystery is starting to trickle in. In fact, a brand new promotional poster just dropped for season three - featuring all your favourite teens - and it looks VERY ominous.

There's a lot of things to consider on this new poster. First of all, there's the inclusion of our two new series regular cast members Vanessa Morgan and Charles Melton as Toni and Reggie. Then there's Veronica being front and centre... Jughead smack bang in the middle wearing a Serpent jacket with a completely different logo on the back (his jacket has the old logo, in case you forgot.)

But MOST of all... the most important thing to consider on this brand new shiny promotional poster is just how hilariously huge KJ Apa's head is.


The overpowering size of his head hasn't gone unnoticed by the rest of the cast either because a few of them flocked to Instagram to absolutely roast him over his placement on the poster.

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Just..head. Head and volume on October 10th.

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It wasn't just his cast mates either, the entire comment section was also cackling over how out of place Archie looks on the poster, saying: "Why is Archie's head so abnormally huge to the rest omg", "Damn, KJ be looking like Megamind", "Everyone talking about the size of Archie's head but look at how SMALL Reggie's is LMAOAOAOAO."

How long until Cole Sprouse sees this and starts going off about the people who work tirelessly on the photoshop for all the promotional posters again?

And also... what the f*ck is the 'gargoyle king'?