'Riverdale' Fans Are LOSING IT Over The Terrifying Ending Of Episode One

11 October 2018, 13:38

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Can someone tell me why those babies are FLOATING over the fire?

Just when you thought Riverdale couldn't get any crazier... Season three of your favourite teen drama returned to our screens yesterday (Oct 10) and boy, does it look like we are in for a wild ride over the next seven months.

A lot had been teased about the season premiere in the build up to the release date and they really weren't lying when they said the end of the first episode would have us all on the edge of our seats.

Archie pleaded guilty to a murder he didn't commit, the Hot Dads of Riverdale™ pledged to fight for Archie's freedom, Veronica threw her dad in the bin and Jughead learned of the mysterious 'Gargoyle King' while discovering the bodies of two students (Dilton and Ben) in the woods, half dead, foaming at the mouth covered in weird carvings. WHEW!

But the REAL gag of the episode? The little cult ritual that was going off in the backyard of the Cooper house - and what happened during it.

Riverdale Cult Babies Floating
Picture: The CW

Betty strolls downstairs in the middle of the night and hears noises coming from outside. As she looks out into the yard and she sees a huge fire with people standing around it - including her mother Alice and her sister Polly.

As Betty walks closer, she sees Alice and Polly take the twins (Juniper and Dagwood) and hold them over the fire. And then, in a twist we never saw coming... the two pyromaniac Cooper ladies drop the babies in to the fire. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... as Betty freaks out, she then sees that the babies are FLOATING over the fire. Yes. Floating. They are floating. There are floating babies in Riverdale now. What in the name of Willy Wonka's fizzy lifting drinks is going on here?

Betty then faints on sight and start convulsing as Alice rushes over to help her. Needless to say, that level of plot twist is not something that ANY OF US needed or ever expected on a Wednesday night.


SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUUUUUU!!!!???? Ok, so... there's two explanations here, we guess:

1) It's magic. But then again, they said there would never be magic in Riverdale and that it wouldn't be "supernatural"... so it can't be magic. It's not magic. Forget about the magic. The babies didn't float. (OR DID THEY?)

2) It's just one of Betty's fever dreams. This is the more realistic option. They made such a big deal about Betty making up a fake therapist and forging her own prescriptions earlier in the episode, could it be something to do with medication causing her to hallucinate?

Also worth considering: when Alice runs over to help Betty, the babies are nowhere to be seen. So they're either still floating in the air (lol!) or they were never there in the first place.

Whatever is going on, I need my mum Alice and those legend twins out of the cult right now. Polly? She can stay. They can have her.