On My Block season 3 ending explained and what it means for season 4

12 March 2020, 11:54

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

On My Block cast open up about the season 3 ending and what's to come in season 4.

On My Block season 3 is finally here and the shocking ending is sending viewers into meltdown over the future of the series.

On My Block season 3 begins right where season 2 left off. After being kidnapped, Monse, Cesar, Jamal and Ruby learn that Cuchillos, the leader of the Santos, has abducted them in order to blackmail them into finding the infamous, and very much alive, Lil' Ricky for her. The season revolves around the squad looking for Lil' Ricky so that Cuchillos doesn't kill them.

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However, season 3 ends with On My Block's biggest cliffhanger yet. With that in mind, we've summarised exactly what goes down and gathered together all of the information that the cast have said about it and what's to come in season 4.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for On My Block season 3 finale!

How does On My Block season 3 end?

On My Block season 3 ending explained and what it means for season 4
On My Block season 3 ending explained and what it means for season 4. Picture: Netflix

Despite their efforts, the squad never track down Lil' Ricky in season 3. They then decide that they must kill Cuchillos before she kills them. However, the Santos' rival gang, 19th Street, murder Cuchillos instead. The season then ends with the squad safe and Monse going off to boarding school asking Cesar, Jamal, Ruby and Jasmine to promise to all stay close friends.

However, there's a huge twist. The series then cuts to two years later. Monse is now best friends with a group of girls at her new school, Ruby and Jasmine are still dating but they're no longer close with Jamal, who's joined the high school football team. Meanwhile, Spooky has left the Santos and started a family but... Cesar has become leader of the Santos.

Here are just a few of the early reactions.

Opening up about the ending with Entertainment Tonight, Sierra Capri, who plays Monse, explained: "It's probably one of the most realistic endings that I think we've had... People evolve and they grow, and sometimes they grow apart. The way that you were two years ago is different [from how you are now]."

Discussing Cesar's ending. Jason Genao, who plays Ruby, said: "You hope so much that he'll learn and grow and become something better, and it's just...like, you don't learn! Oscar was Cesar when he was Cesar's age, and then he grew up and understood what it really meant to have a life. So then Cesar did that whole aspect where he was like, the little innocent thing, and turns into Spooky, and now hopefully, he'll learn. And I think that's how it evolves."

Diego Tinoco, who plays Cesar, revealed: "It was heartbreaking to see the ending". He then added that he has high hopes for season 4. "I trust the writers and the story isn't over yet, just like life. I mean, he's dealt with so much traumatic stuff going on in his life... so much trauma that you're gonna have a little bit of a crash."

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