Elite season 2 soundtrack: Every song featured on the Netflix drama

7 September 2019, 14:27

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

All the music from Elite season 2, including songs by Joan Thiele, The Vaccines, DORA, Swedish House Mafia and more.

Netflix's Elite returned for season 2 on Friday Sept. 6 and the mystery at the heart of the eight new episodes managed to top season 1's gripping whodunnit. The students of Las Encinas had even more secrets to keep this time around. In the end, the mystery of what happened to Samuel revealed an unexpected alliance. The Elite season 2 soundtrack was, of course, brilliant, as well.

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Artists like La Casa Azul, Swedish House Mafia, Conchita Velasco, The Vaccines, and DORA set the tone for the moody high school drama. We know you're dying to know all of the songs from Elite season 2, so here are the songs from the parties, the hook ups, and the season's most dramatic moments.

Warning: Elite season 2 spoilers ahead.

Elite season 2 soundtrack
Elite season 2 soundtrack. Picture: Netflix

Elite season 2 episode 1 songs - '20 hours missing'

Lasai & Octopvs To The Party - 'Do That'
When Rebeca drives past Samuel in her purple sunglasses. This song also plays when Rebeca gets dropped off at school.

Artificial Pleasure - 'I'll Make It Worth Your While'
The song plays when everyone is getting ready for school.

Olly Anna - 'Turn It Up'
When Samuel, Rebeca and Nadia are all talking by the window about going to Valerio's party.

Jack Back - 'Sometimes (It Happens)'
The song playing when Nadia, Samuel, and Rebeca walk into the club.

Clooney - 'We Are The Party People'
The song playing when Nadia leaves the bathroom at the club with her hair down.

Swedish House Mafia - 'Greyhound'
The song playing when Christian drives away on his bike before the crash and the others are dancing in the club.

John Maus - 'Hey Moon'
The song playing when Valerio and Lu are kissing on the pool table after the club.

Hey Moon

Elite season 2 episode 2 songs - '34 hours missing'

Motorama - 'No More Time'
The song playing when Lu and Valerio are playing around by the pool and she pushes him in.

MHD - 'AFRO TRAP Part.7 (La Puissance)'
When Samuel is sitting shirtless in his room on his phone.

Joan Thiele -'Armenia'
This song is playing when Samuel and Carla are at the bar drinking together after Marina's mass.

Joan Thiele - Armenia

Elite season 2 episode 3 songs - '36 hours missing'

Conchita Velasco - 'Con Nada Se Puede Ser Feliz'
When Caye is waking up in the morning in her small apartment.

Kimberley Tell - 'Lo Que No Me Dices'
The song playing during the episode 3 title card.

The Vaccines - 'All My Friends Are Falling In Love'
The first scene at the red party when Cayetana is looking in the mirror.

AURORA - 'Queendom'
When Omar goes to find Ander at the club and they kiss.

La Casa Azul - 'Los Chicos Hoy Saltarán A La Pista'
When Nadia and Guzman are drinking and staring at each other at the red party.

Zaraha - 'Con Las Ganas (Versión 2019)'
When Samuel and Carla are having sex and Nadia and Guzman kiss.

Con las Ganas (Versión 2019)

Elite season 2 episode 4 songs - '59 hours missing'

REYKO - 'Spinning Over You'
When Nadia is having the sexy dream about Guzman and she is wearing the red dress.

Pierre Mottron - 'Indecent'
When Cayetana shows up to Polo's house with broth after he tries to kill himself

Vitalic - 'Poison Lips'
When Rebeca and Nadia are talking about their guy problems

Breathe - 'Are You All Good?'
When Samuel and Carla are eating macaroni together at his house.

Lexie Liu - 'Hat Trick'
When Nadia wakes up next to Guzman after they have sex for the first time.

Hat Trick

Elite season 2 episode 5 songs - '63 hours missing'

MULA - 'Nunca Paran'
The song playing at the beginning of episode 5 during title card when Rebeca discovers her mum has planned a Halloween party.

TheUnder & Robyn The Bank - 'You Don't Wanna Play With Us'
The song that first plays at Rebeca's Halloween party

Aya Nakamura - 'DJadja'
When Rebeca and Caye talk at the Halloween party about exposing her mum as a cleaner

Danna Paola - 'Mala Fama'
When Samuel and Carla are talking at the Halloween party

Ms Nina Feat. Beauty Brain - 'Tu Sicaria'
When Rebeca corners Samuel at the Halloween party.

Bad Gyal Feat. Jam City & Dubbel Dutch - 'Internationally'
When Caye and Polo kiss at the Halloween party.

BAD GYAL - INTERNATIONALLY prod. Jam City & Dubbel Dutch

Elite season 2 episode 6 songs - '66 hours missing'

Zazo & Gxurmet Feat. Juanih South - 'En Busca De Ti'
The song playing at the beginning of episode during title card and when Lu and Valerio are talking in her room and she accuses him of drugging her.

Menna - 'Moving On'
The song playing when Samuel is walking in the hallway listening to his headphones just before Lu comes to talk to him about him seeing her and Valerio kissing.

Mottron - 'They Know'
When Nano's mum is yelling at him.

CUT_ - 'Out of Touch'
The song playing when Omar and Ander are having sex after Omar yells at Ander's parents.

Matt Maltese - 'I Hear The Day Has Come'
When Nano is walking away in the rain holding the picture of himself, Samuel, and his mum.

I Hear The Day Has Come

Elite season 2 episode 7 songs - '84 hours missing'

Adam Naas - 'Fading Away'
The song that plays at the beginning of Episode 7 during the the title card after Omar's co-worker warns him that Samuel is in danger.

Fitness Forever - 'Dance Boys'
The song playing when Lu is at the charity event standing with Guzman and talking about her family. Also when she gets the call from Caye's mother who reveals she is a cleaning lady.

AaRON - 'We Cut The Night'
The song playing at Caye's charity party when Samuel rushes past Guzman after arguing with Carla.

Vetusta Morla - 'Los Días Raros'
When Lu goes into Valerio's room and kisses him after the exposing Caye at the charity party.

Los Días Raros

Elite season 2 episode 8 songs - '0 hours missing'

DORA - 'Call Me Back'
The song playing at the beginning of episode 8 during the title card after Carla checks her phone for a message from Samuel.

William Featherby - 'Digital Breakthrough'
When Ander is dancing at the club and passes out.

UNKLE Feat. Philip Sheppard & Liela Moss, Miink - 'Feel More/With Less'
When Samuel and Carla are talking at the police station and he says that he lost her. The last song in season 2.

Feel More / With Less