School of Rock's Frankie and Marta are dating in real life

18 May 2021, 12:03

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Imagine meeting the love of your life on the set of one of the greatest movies ever made."

School of Rock fans are currently losing it after finding out that two cast members are now dating in real life, 18 years after appearing in the Jack Black-led movie together. (If that's not one of the greatest meet cutes you've ever heard, then I don't know what is.)

Caitlin Hale and Angelo Massagli, who played backing singer Marta and security team member Frankie respectively, appear to have been together since 2018, but thanks to a viral TikTok, some fans are only just finding out that they're a couple.

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Despite the fact that Caitlin and Angelo have been dating for a while, the reason why everyone is freaking out now is because of a TikTok that is currently going viral, sharing Caitlin and Angelo's Instagram posts alongside the caption, 'Frankie and Marta from School of Rock are a couple?!'

The comment section is full of School of Rock fans, who had absolutely no idea they were together, screaming about how adorable the whole thing is.

One person wrote, "This is the best news I've ever heard", with another adding, "Imagine meeting the love of your life on the set of one of the greatest movies ever made." Another popular comment reads: "If Jack Black isn't invited to the wedding, I s2g".

After hearing about their cute viral moment, Angelo took to his own Instagram story to share another photo, writing: "It was fun being social media's couple for the day. For those about to TikTok, we salute you."

Since starring in School of Rock, Angelo has stepped away from acting. He previously played Bobby Baccalieri Jr. in The Sopranos and his last TV role was in 2009 as a bully in short-lived ABC series Cupid. According to Instagram, Angelo graduated from law school at the University of Miami in 2019.

Caitlin now has two degrees and works an OB-GYN Ultrasound Technologist. According to her IMDb page, she's set to appear in 2021 horror movie Grimmerson Manor.

Back in 2019, a handful of the School of Rock cast had a mini reunion and shared the snaps of their night on Instagram.

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