9 chaotic Jimbo moments from Drag Race UK vs The World that live in my head rent free

16 February 2022, 16:54

Drag Race's Jimbo Reveals They Cut "Unhinged" Meltdown After Elimination | UK vs The World

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

An ode to our fallen angel Jimbo.

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We're halfway through RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs. The World and it saddens us to announce that we lost one of the most iconic queens of the season, our dearest Jimbo.

She gave us laughs, she gave us lewks and several ginormous pairs of plastic boobs, but sadly that wasn't enough to save her from elimination. During episode 3, which aired on Tuesday (Feb 13), Jimbo sashayed away after failing to impress the judges in the Rusical and being chosen by lip-sync winner Pangina Heals.

Jimbo is gone, but definitely not forgotten. So, it's only right that we look back at all the best moments Jimbo has given us that prove she IS Drag Race UK vs. The World.

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9 chaotic Jimbo moments from Drag Race UK vs The World that live in my head rent free.
9 chaotic Jimbo moments from Drag Race UK vs The World that live in my head rent free. Picture: BBC

1) Jimbo's exit message on the glass

The exit message is always a staple moment in Drag Race and Jimbo made sure that there's no way you could forget her by leaving a loving note for the girls on the glass.

She wrote: "My name is Pangina and I'm a stupid idiot. PS, I love you all. PPS, except Jimbo."

Pure poetry.

2) Jimbo asking for advice from tiny inanimate objects

There's no doubt that eliminations are hard, so it's good to call on someone for advice… a friend? an umbrella? a tiny sofa, perhaps? Of course, they were little help but the audience was OBSESSED.

3) Jimbo being exposed for breaking her alliance with Jujubee

Jimbo landed herself in hot water in episode 3 when Jujubee asked who she had written on her lipstick. As it turns out, Jimbo had voted for Jujubee – despite forming an alliance with her.

The gals were gagged and Jimbo used every excuse in the book to get out of it (she even revealed she formed an alliance with Cheryl Hole too) but ultimately the devil on her shoulder got to her. Explaining her reasoning, she said the devil told her: "Pick Jujubee that's the fun one and she might beat you…"

4) Jimbo pulling a cookie from her bra

A special mention for Jimbo's hilarious avoidance tactic while in the hot seat about who was on her lipstick. To distract the girls, she decided to pull a cookie from her bra instead of the lipstick. Iconic behaviour.

Jimbo pulling a cookie from her bra.
Jimbo pulling a cookie from her bra. Picture: BBC

5) Jimbo's chaotic talent show performance

It's impossible to describe what happened during that talent show performance in episode 1, but whatever it was, it was flawless. Whilst we still don't quite understand what we were watching, we're heading to the shop now to get some PVC and ham just because. It's Jimbo's world and we're just living in it.

Jimbo's Casper the Baloney Ghost

6) Jimbo’s terrible lip syncs were so bad they’re actually good

Oh Jimbo, a triple threat she is not. She may be able to pull out a fabulous outfit at the drop of a hat, or act her pants off, but dancing? Yeah, not her best.

However, her slightly stiff moves were so bad that they were actually good. Revolutionary, in fact. If someone has to ask if you purposely threw the lip-sync so you didn't have to decide on who to eliminate then you know you're a winner, baby.

Pangina vs Jimbo Lipsync - Say You’ll Be There | DRUK VS THE WORLD

7) Jimbo laughing with RuPaul on stage

Mama Ru is known for her distinctive and infectious laugh, but when Jimbo joined in on the main stage, it was like two manic hyenas bonding.

While dressed up as Ru, Jimbo decided to impersonate her, even nailing her trademark, "Silence!" hand clap. Soon the whole cast and judging panel were joining in and laughing hysterically too. That alone should have given Jimbo the crown, tbh.

Jimbo Impersonating Ru's Laugh | UK vs. The World

8) All of her Jimbo's runway outfits were exquisite

Jimbo might be categorised as a comedy queen but her runway lewks were far from campy. Whatever the theme, Jimbo delivered every single time. From her fierce chess-piece inspired Queen ensemble to her Kitty Girl jumpsuit and her latest dotty look, Jimbo proved she IS a look queen.

BBC Three

9) Jimbo getting emotional after meeting RuPaul for the first time

They say you should never meet your heroes and after missing out on forming a relationship with Ru because she wasn't a judge on Canada's Drag Race, Jimbo was bursting with excitement to finally meet her. So much so, that she was overcome with emotion. Adorable.

BBC Three

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