Drag Race UK’s Copper Topp calls out Ella Henderson for Tory Party conference performance

10 October 2022, 15:37

Drag Race UK's Copper Topp Calls Out Ella Henderson And Bottom Two Decision | Drag Race Yearbook

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"As soon as I saw it on Twitter...I was like, 'Not this'."

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RuPaul's Drag Race star Copper Topp has responded to the controversy surrounding Ella Henderson's performance at the Conservative Party conference.

Fans were shocked to hear Ella's collaboration with Jax Jones, 'This Is Real', as the song choice for this week's lip sync battle between Copper Topp and Black Peppa on Drag Race UK, just days after she was widely criticised for performing at the Conservative conference.

Many felt that Ella's appearance at the conference was not consistent with her claims that she is an LGBTQ+ ally, having just recently performed at a Pride event in Birmingham a week prior.

The Conservative party have been criticised in recent years for attacking trans people to score political points, and have a long and largely poor record of supporting LGBTQ+ rights.

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Drag Race UK Copper Topp
Drag Race UK Copper Topp. Picture: World of Wonder / PopBuzz

Speaking to PopBuzz about her reaction to Ella's appearance at the conference, Copper Topp could at least see the funny side of it all. "As soon as I saw it on Twitter...I was like, not this," she joked.

"I love Ella Henderson, I really do. Her music is fabulous, fair play to her," she added. "But a Tory party conference? Really, dear? Really?"

"We've welcomed her into our open arms, into our bosoms, and I just think, y'know, tread carefully next time darling." Amen to that.

As reported by PinkNews, a spokesperson for UK Music – which organised Henderson’s appearance at the conference – said her performance didn’t mean she was aligned with the party. The singer has not yet personally commented on the backlash.

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