Drag Race UK fans are in tears over River Medway's Thomas Waghorn runway look and now it's a meme

23 September 2021, 21:23

Meet the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 3

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

River Medway is PERFECTION.

RuPaul's Drag Race UK returned to our screens for its third season tonight and the queens certainly didn't disappoint [SPOILERS AHEAD!]

The first challenge saw the queens play a cheeky game of dirty charades before heading to the runway for a hometown-themed runway challenge. And it was River Medway's runway lewk that fans are truly living for.

Paying homage to her Kent roots, River dressed as the statue of British navy officer Thomas Waghorn, which is located in Railway Street, Chatham. The statue is often seen with a traffic cone on its head and River stayed authentic to the statue, rocking a traffic cone on her head too. She even had Thomas' famous point down too, sashaying down the runway and pointing at the judges.

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Drag Race UK fans are in tears over River Medway's Thomas Waghorn runway look
Drag Race UK fans are in tears over River Medway's Thomas Waghorn runway look. Picture: BBC

"I'm giving the exact pose… he's pointing somewhere but I've forgotten actually," River said in their confessional.

RuPaul commended River on staying true to the statue and was in absolute hysterics – despite not knowing what River was actually doing.

As you can imagine, River Medway's Thomas Waghorn lewk has become a meme.

Sadly, River's second runway look didn't receive the same amount of praise but she did escape elimination. (Spoiler alert: Anubis was sent home after lip-syncing against Elektra Fence.)

Earlier in the episode, River revealed how her mother had passed away from COVID-19 shortly before she had got the call that she had received a spot on Drag Race UK. River's mother was a massive supporter of her drag career, even gifting River her first pair of heels.

"I've actually got one of my mum's outfits here. It's a little two-piece. She used to, like, wear it to work and stuff. She was the most glamorous woman you'll ever meet," River told Vanity Milan.

"She passed away about two weeks before I got the Drag Race call, and when I think, 'Oh, maybe I shouldn't do this.' I tell myself, 'No, you have to,' because the reason why I'm here and the reason that I am the way I am is all because of her."

Head to the PopBuzz YouTube Channel this weekend to watch Anubis break down her time on the show and nominate her fellow queens in the Drag Race Yearbook.

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