Tia Kofi: 'Who was my crush at 17? Craig Dean from Hollyoaks and Matt from Busted' | My Life In 20

1 February 2023, 17:17

Tia Kofi My Life In 20
Tia Kofi My Life In 20. Picture: Tia Kofi
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

To celebrate the release of her new single 'Curious', Drag Race UK star Tia Kofi takes a trip down memory lane for 'My Life In 20'.

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20) What movie could you watch 20 times over and not get bored?

Mean Girls. Final answer.

19) What topic could you talk about for 19 minutes straight without notes?

Doctor Who, Eurovision, Big Brother, Six the Musical.

18) What was the most important thing to happen in your life when you were 18?

I went to Uni and was so terrified but found a wonderful group of friends with shared interests who really took me under their wing.

17) Who was your crush at 17?

Craig Dean from Hollyoaks a.k.a. Guy Burnett. Also, my straight best friend at school who I won’t name because I think he’s probably seen me mention him before and that’s awkward. Also Matt from Busted.

16) What can you remember about your 16th birthday?

I don’t recall exactly but there’s a strong chance we went to Chong’s on Loughton high street... Now my 18th is the one you should really be asking about! Cut to Mr Flaherty fuming that his daughter is so unbelievably drunk and giving me evils at school as a result. And then I snogged my straight best mate.

Listen to Tia Kofi's new single 'Curious' below:

Tia Kofi - Curious (Visualiser)

15) What did you hate at 15 which you love now?

History. I used to think I was so bad at it at school and now I watch YouTube videos about random historical things all the time. I should probably have made up a cooler answer.

14) What TV show were you obsessed with at 14?

Big Brother. Honestly changed my life. I found it so fascinating to see people who were similar to me or completely different to me interacting and gave me a window to the big wide world out there.

13) 13 is unlucky for some. Do you have anything that you’re superstitious about?

Anytime someone (including me) says "touch wood", I touch my forehead. No idea why. Is that thing?! It’s a thing.

12) If you could live the life of any other person for 12 hours, who would you be?

Zendaya. She’s stunning, her outfits are gorgeous and she’s shagging Tom Holland.

11) Who was your best friend when you were 11?

Hari, Jake, Nitya and Karthik. Cannot choose one. I remember us all being really hilarious and stupid. Genuinely just having the best time at school. Still close with them to this day.

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10) Which bad habit do you hope to have quit in 10 years time?

Toxic relationships.

9) What was your biggest fear when you were 9?

I was and still am terrified of injections. I will always get them when necessary but like I’m so scared of them!

8) When you were 8, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a pop star or a teacher.

7) Which of the seven deadly sins are you most guilty of?

Gluttony. My Uber Eats bill is extortionate.

6) You can invite six people to your dream dinner party (dead or alive), who would you invite?

The wives of Henry VIII to see if it gets all savage and Real Housewives energy.

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Tia Kofi Curious Artwork
Tia Kofi Curious Artwork. Picture: Tia Kofi

5) Name five things you can't live without.

Music. Friends and family. Food. Water. Breathable air.

4) Describe yourself in four words.

Pop Princess. Glamorous Geek.

3) Your top three songs of all time.

This is way too difficult. 'Toxic' - Britney, 'Time is Running Out' - Muse, and Dario G - 'Sunchyme' (Honourable mention to Eden Hunter - 'Chance My Heart')

2) Name two things on your bucket list.

A number one single. A recurring role in Doctor Who, possibly as the Doctor themself.

1) Who or what is your one true love?

My mum 💖

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