Drag Race UK's Sminty Drop reacts to 'sad twerk' exit becoming a viral meme

17 October 2022, 13:06

Drag Race UK’s Sminty Drop Reacts To 'Sad Twerk' Exit Going Viral | Drag Race Yearbook

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"That was the best exit in the herstory of the show"

Sminty Drop has given her reaction to her 'sad girl' twerk going viral following her elimination from this week's episode of Drag Race UK.

After a disappointing performance in this week's improv challenge, DRUK season 4 queen Sminty Drop ended up in the bottom two and lost a lip sync battle against Baby.

As she exited the stage, Sminty recreated her 'sad twerk' from the improv challenge at the end of the runway, and it sent her fellow queens, the judges, and everybody watching at home into hysterics.

Now, Sminty's exit is being compared to 'Miss Vanjie', arguably the most iconic exit in Drag Race herstory by Vanessa Vanjie Mateo.

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Speaking to Yshee Black on PopBuzz's Drag Race Yearbook show, Sminty revealed whether she had planned the slow twerk in advance of her elimination, as well as sharing her reaction to the exit going viral.

In addition to that, Sminty also revealed something from her elimination that we didn't get to see.

After Dakota Schiffer said in Untucked that Sminty was one of the worst performers during the challenge, and likely to be in the bottom two, upon re-entering the workroom post elimination, Sminty decided to get her revenge on Dakota by stealing her spirit gum, an essential item for queens to glue down their wigs.

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