RuPaul's Drag Race: Jujubee makes history as first queen to compete in four seasons

17 January 2022, 16:24

Meet the cast of Drag Race UK vs. The World

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Jujubee is also the only contestant in Drag Race herstory to make the Top 3 three times…

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Jujubee has made history as the first queen to be cast in four seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race.

From her hilarious clapbacks to her flawless runway lewks, it's easy to see how fans fell in love with Jujubee during her first appearance on Drag Race season 2 back in 2010. Two more stints on the iconic franchise later and Juju is still a fan favourite.

On Monday (Jan 17), it was announced that Jujubee would be having a fourth chance at snatching the crown as she will be starring on RuPaul's Drag Race UK Versus The World, which will premiere next month.

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Jujubee makes history as first queen to compete in four seasons of Drag Race.
Jujubee makes history as first queen to compete in four seasons of Drag Race. Picture: World of Wonder

The series will see nine queens from Drag Race franchises around the world compete for the title of Ultimate Drag Race Superstar. And the cast is packed full of faves who you will definitely recognise: Pangina Heals (Drag Race Thailand season 1 and season 2), Jimbo (Canada's Drag Race season 1), Monique Heart (Drag Race season 10 and RuPaul's All Stars season 4), Blu Hydrangea (Drag Race UK season 1), Cheryl Hole (Drag Race UK season 1), Janey Jacké (Drag Race Holland season 1), Lemon (Canada's Drag Race season 1) Baga Chipz (Drag Race UK season 1) and of course Jujubee.

As you know, this isn't JuJu's first rodeo. She came third on Drag Race season 2, third/fourth on Drag Race All Stars season 1 and second/third on Drag Race All Stars season 5. (She was also recently on Queen of the Universe.)

World of Wonder

So, could it be fourth time lucky for Ms JuJu?! Possibly. Speaking to BBC, JuJu said: "People might think I’m crazy for doing this again… But I like torture! I’ve been everywhere and that’s because of Drag Race. If Ru calls you, you answer and you do exactly what she wants you to do! So I’m here to take on the world!"

She continued: "There’s no way that I’m NOT getting to the top every single time. I am a pro at this competition. These girls can learn something from me! Ru might as well just give me the crown now! I'll buy a farm, have a whole bunch of chickens and cats – I won’t bother her anymore!"