Drag Race's Cheryl Hole reacts to Baga Chipz and Jujubee backlash on UK vs The World

11 February 2022, 12:38

Drag Race's Cheryl Hole Reacts To Baga Chipz And Jujubee Criticism On UK vs The World

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

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Cheryl Hole spills the tea on the Drag Race Yearbook.

Cheryl Hole has shared her opinion on all the drama from Drag Race UK vs The World episode 2, including the backlash to Baga Chipz and Jujubee's runway, as well as hinting at secret alliances going on between some of the queens.

This week it was the sewing challenge and the queens were tasked with designing and creating a look that RuPaul would wear. Unfortunately, Cheryl had to create a whole new look at the last minute after a sewing error on her first garment.

Jimbo and Janey Jacké were named the tops of the week and lip synced for the crown, with Janey winning the lip sync and choosing Cheryl to leave the competition.

In an interview with PopBuzz on the Drag Race Yearbook, Cheryl opened up about her early elimination from the competition.

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Drag Race UK vs The World Cheryl Hole
Drag Race UK vs The World Cheryl Hole. Picture: World of Wonder / PopBuzz

After the episode aired, fans didn't hold back on sharing their thoughts on Baga Chipz. Some felt the UK queen wasn't giving it her all, while other fans weren't impressed with Jujubee's runway looks, which they felt were particularly underwhelming coming from such a seasoned queen.

In her chat with PopBuzz, Cheryl downplayed the criticism of Baga, saying that she didn't really notice her attitude while they were in the workroom. As for Jujubee, Cheryl was keen to remind everyone that they filmed the series during the pandemic. She said:

"We got all our stuff ready in a pandemic...Drag in the last two years has been so difficult because you just have to make the best with what you've got.

"Look, if she couldn't bring her best because of circumstances then is what it is but also she must be exhausted being on Drag Race every single year. She's a worker!

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