Aquaria's 'American' Verse On 'Drag Race' In Now A Meme And It's HILARIOUS

6 July 2018, 09:24

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Turning looks, stunting pretty, I'm the bitch from...

There's no question that Aquaria was a worthy RuPaul's Drag Race winner. Throughout Season 10 she not only provided an array of jaw-dropping looks but she also grew throughout the show and was responsible for some of its funniest moments. From Snatch Game to the mermaid challenge, she never failed to impress us. Not only that but, alongside the likes of Asia, she was also one of the most likeable contestants on the series.

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In the week since winning the show, the reality TV champion has been flying from gig to gig, representing the franchise with the class and talent of an icon in the making. She even managed to effortlessly respond to a bizarre Bebe Rexha diss with the ease of a professional earlier this week. Seriously, the comments were out of line and we were impressed with how eloquently Aquaria managed to reply to them.

Aquaria, Asia, Eureka & Cameron Michaels
Aquaria, Asia, Eureka & Cameron Michaels. Picture: VH1

In fact, such is Aquaria's impact at the moment, she now has her own hilarious meme. Fans have been adapting her 'Turning looks, stunting pretty, I'm the bitch from New York city' line in her 'American' verse of the Season 10 finale into their own laugh out loud tweets.

It works for Pokémon.

Erika is a boss ass bitch and we will hear nothing to the contrary.

It works for Super Mario too.

An Italian legend like Aquaria herself.

Let's be real though DW really is THAT bitch.

No one compares.

Actually maybe Archie is the one.

No one rocks a wig quite like Mr. Andrews.

The meme is so great that it applies to statues that have a certain je-ne-sais-quoi too.

If you know, you know.

It suits classic musicals as well.

We see no lies.

Such is its power that Aquaria's meme is capable of crossing over with other iconic memes.

We need a Drake/Aquaria collaboration ASAP please.

The meme has gotten pretty political too.

We agree.

It's also gotten pretty real.

Okay we really felt that.

And last but not least it's been used to point out historic events that have changed the course of history.

Facts are facts.