Robert Pattinson roasts Zoë Kravitz for saying she’s never seen Twilight

25 February 2022, 11:16

Robert Pattinson watched bats fighting to prepare for Batman

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Zoë Kravitz said that Twilight is "not her taste" and Robert Pattinson's reaction was hilarious.

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Robert Pattinson has jokingly called out his The Batman co-star Zoë Kravitz for dissing the Twilight films in a new interview.

Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz fans will already know that the two actors are good friends. Having worked together as the iconic superheroes Batman and Catwoman in DC's upcoming The Batman movie, Rob and Zoë have grown close over the past few years. Zoë even recently praised Rob's performance as Bruce Wayne and said that he's "incredible" in the film.

However, in spite of their friendship, Zoë isn't a fan of all of Rob's work and he's just roasted her for not watching Twilight.

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Robert Pattinson roasts Zoë Kravitz for saying she’s never seen Twilight
Robert Pattinson roasts Zoë Kravitz for saying she’s never seen Twilight. Picture: Mike Marsland/WireImage, Summit Entertainment, Lia Toby/Getty Images

Speaking to People about what she thinks of Twilight, Zoë said: "I didn't watch Twilight. No." Disbelieving her, Rob then said, "Yeah, right?" and Zoë then brutally took down the beloved vampire franchise by simply saying, "Sorry, it's not my taste." In mock horror, Rob then shot back: "It's not even cool to be a hater anymore. That's so 2010."

Doubling back, Zoë said: "I don't hate it. I just didn't see it. I didn't participate in it." However, she then realised that she was lying and added: "That's not true. I saw the first one because my best friend Skye, she kinda made me go. So I don't really remember it but sorry. I'm sorry."

In other words, Zoë did see it but she didn't want to go and it sounds like Edward Cullen and Bella Swan made absolutely no impression on her at all. This is almost as bad as nicknaming someone's daughter after the Loch Ness monster.

Rob ended by laughing and saying: "That's a lot of experiences involving me, just completely erased." Imagine seeing Rob as Edward call Bella his Spider Monkey and NOT remembering it. Couldn't be me.

Of course, Zoë isn't alone in saying that the Twilight films are not her taste. In fact, no one has openly hated the Twilight movies more than Robert Pattinson himself so, we'll let Zoë off the hook here.

Petition for someone to film Zoë watching the whole Twilight franchise for the first time.

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