Robert Pattinson's french accent in The King is being roasted by fans

4 November 2019, 16:31

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Why Robert Pattinson sound like King Julian from Madagascar when he’s doing a French accent in The King?"

Robert Pattinson is a gift. An international treasure who has given us some incredible performances over the years. And now, he has provided us with one of the most unintentionally hilarious scenes of cinema in 2019 thanks to his french accent in Netflix's The King.

The film is based on and inspired by several plays from William Shakespeare's 'Henriad.' Timothée Chalamet plays Henry V aka Hal, while Robert has a small role in the film as The Dauphin of France.

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In the short amount of time he's actually on screen, Robert manages to steal the entire film with his french accent and his taunts about Henry V's "giant balls with a tiny cock." And please believe me when I say, nothing – nothing – has been more pleasing to me in my career than hearing Robert Pattinson deliver that line in that accent.

Of course, the internet could not handle it and they've been roasting, meme-ing, appreciating and cackling about it since the film dropped on the streaming service on Friday.

Robert Pattinson as The Dauphin in Netflix's The King
Robert Pattinson as The Dauphin in Netflix's The King. Picture: Netflix


I would have paid a lot of money to have seen this.

Robert Pattinson's french accent is what I hear when I have sleep paralysis.

"To your lit-ell VIC-TREE!" has been going round and round in my head for 3 days now.

For these two things alone, it's worth every single second.

Can't decide what's funnier, his accent or him slipping so perfectly in that mud.

"ğîäñt bãłłś ŵíth ä tîńŷ çôćk"

I would not be surprised if that was Robert's inspiration.

If I don't hear that accent in Frozen 2 then I'm filing a lawsuit.

I'm not saying he deserves an award for this but he absolutely deserves an award for this.