Robert Pattinson was paid $3 million to play Batman

19 August 2021, 12:46

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Robert Pattinson's Batman salary is much lower than that of other actors in blockbuster superhero movies.

Robert Pattinson's salary for The Batman has been revealed and it turns out that he is earning much less than his hero counterparts.

Variety has published a new report which reveals exactly how much money some of the biggest movie stars in the world are being paid for their projects. For example, Chris Hemsworth has earned a whopping $20 million for his role as Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder and Daniel Craig has been offered an incredible $100 million for the upcoming Knives Out sequel.

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Variety also revealed what Robert Pattinson is being paid for the new Batman movie and it's small by Hollywood standards.

How much is Robert Pattinson worth?

Robert Pattinson was paid $3 million to play Batman
Robert Pattinson was paid $3 million to play Batman. Picture: John Palmer/MediaPunch/Alamy Live News

According to Variety, Robert has received a salary of $3 million to take on the beloved role of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, in DC Comics 2022 reboot of the iconic franchise. $3 million is, of course, a huge amount of money. However, in comparison, Christian Bale was paid around $10 million for the same role in Batman Begins in 2005, and even more in The Dark Knight sequels.

Robert Pattinson is also a big Hollywood name. The star is reportedly worth $100 million and, according to Vulture, he was paid $40 million in total for the final two Twilight films. Not to mention, he was paid $2 million for the first film when he was still a relatively unknown actor. It's currently unclear what box office percentage Robert will receive on top of his pay.

Chris Hemsworth was paid just $150,000 for the first Thor film so it's possible Robert will have a far higher salary in any Batman sequels.


Oh, to be an actor where $3 million is a low salary.

What do you think? Is Robert being underpaid?