When Is The Next Episode Of Riverdale Season 2 Released On Netflix?

11 May 2018, 12:17 | Updated: 4 June 2018, 16:34

By Woodrow Whyte

When, where and how to watch Riverdale season two on Netflix and elsewhere.

Riverdale season 2 is back after a month off and god damn we needed it. Cheryl's coming out is actually iconic and we cannot wait to see if our favourite Riverdale character gets closer with Toni Topaz. I mean, it is #20GAYTEEN after all so the timing feels appropriate.


But we bet you need to know when you're getting your next Riverdale fix? Well we've got all the info on the future episodes, including when the next episode of Riverdale will be released. Honestly, we're nicer than Fred Andrews and Ethel Muggs combined.


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When is the next episode of Riverdale?

The next episode of Riverdale will now air at some point in October 2018. 

When is the Riverdale season 2 finale?

The finale will be on May 16th. The episode title is 'Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World'.

What time does Riverdale come out on The CW & Netflix?

Riverdale airs on Netflix in the UK just a couple of hours after each episode premieres on the CW in the US, which will be at 8pm (ET). For those in the UK, that means new episodes usually drop at 7/8am GMT. 

Will Riverdale season two be on Netflix in the US?

Yes! Riverdale will be returning to Netflix in the US once the second season finishes in May. So, if you want to spend your summer inside watching Riverdale re-runs, just login to your Netflix account in May and watch the summer pass by from the comfort of your own sofa.

What channel is Riverdale on?

The CW, duh. 

How many episodes are in Riverdale season 2?

The new season will run for 22 episodes. It was confirmed that filming for season 2 began on June 22, 2017.


When will Riverdale season 2 restart after the mid-season break?

The show took a short break over the holiday season and now the show will take another break for a month in February. The show will return on the 7th March.  

What are the names for upcoming episodes left in Season 2? 

S2.E10: Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle (January 17th)

S2.E11: Chapter Twenty-Four: The Wrestler (January 24th)

S2.E12: Chapter Twenty-Five: The Wicked and The Divine (January 31st)

S2.E13: Chapter Twenty-Six: The Tell-Tale Heart (February 7th)

S2.E14: Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes (March 7th)

S2.E15:Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood (March 14th)

S2.E16: Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors (March 21st)

S2.E17: Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens (March 28th)

S2.E18: Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember (April 18th)

S2.E19: Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners (April 25th)

S2.E20: Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt (May 2nd)

S2.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgement Night (May 9th)

S2.E22: Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World (May 16th)

What will happen in the second half of season 2?

According to showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, "The second half of season 2 gets back to a little bit of Riverdale basics, which is focused on stories at the school, kind of getting back in deep on the relationships and the friendships. There’s still going to be a pulpy noir crime element to the second half, but there will be a resurgence of high school hijinks, and getting back to the roots of what Archie’s all about, which is the kids and the school." So don't expect Riverdale to be any less dramatic in 2018.

Are you ready?

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