'Riverdale' Has Been Hiding An Easter Egg In Cheryl And Toni's Clothes This Whole Time

11 May 2018, 12:31

Cheryl and Toni topaz
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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

HOW did we miss this?!

Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz have emerged as one of the more interesting Riverdale season 2 pairings. They're just getting started as a couple, but fans have already noticed some distinctly girlfriendish Easter Eggs on the show.

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Eagle eyed Choni shippers noticed that the ladies are definitely at the sharing clothes stage of their relationship. A few fans spotted instances where the girls were wearing clothes that the other had previously worn on the show and it's actually very sweet.

Exhibit A)

In Riverdale season 1 episode 7, 'A Quiet Place', Cheryl can be observed wearing a sheer black top with embroidered designs on the chest and sleeves. In Riverdale season 2 episode 15, 'There Will Be Blood', Toni is wearing that same shirt to Clifford Blossom's will reading.

Cheryl and Toni tops
Picture: CW/Riverdale


Exhibit B)

Toni own a very distinct pair of lace up trousers that she wears during the racing episode. By season 2 episode 17, Cheryl can also be seen wearing those trousers.

What an iconic sleuth from Twitter user @ninetysx.

The sleuth was so spot on that Madelaine Petsch even addressed it in an interview with ET.

"You guys are totally on it. I'm very impressed that you figured that out. After being rescued from the nuns, obviously she didn't go back home to Thissle House. So Toni took her in and for [episodes] 17, 18 Cheryl's wearing only Toni's clothing because she's staying at Toni's."

This is never really addressed on the show, but it's an interesting bit of subtext.

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Riverdale are fond of using clothing and hairstyles to give more insight into a character's emotional state or, in this case, living situation.

Cheryl and Toni share a closet: CONFIRMED. Now, if only we could get more insight into where on earth Cheryl found that iconic red hunting cape.