Every Riverdale crossover in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3

26 January 2020, 21:11

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The Riverdale connections in Sabrina season 3 include the actor who played Kurtz, Penelope Blossom actress Nathalie Boltt, a Southside Serpent and a trip to Pop's Diner.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 just gave us a huge unexpected Riverdale crossover – and basically confirmed one of the fandom's long standing theories about the town.

Sabrina part 3 was released on Netflix today (Jan 24) and with it came a whole new fresh batch of Riverdale crossovers and easter eggs. There were some familiar faces, there were some familiar graffiti tags (Jughead, come to Greendale) and there was even a couple of trips across Sweetwater River itself.

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Perhaps most interestingly though, is that one of those crossovers kind of just confirmed that Riverdale is also plagued by hidden dark magic. Yes, just like we've all been theorising for the past 3 years, magic actually does exist in Riverdale. (No one tell Betty, she'll never get any actual school work done if she ever finds that out...)

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Sabrina part 3... you've been warned!*

Here's all the Riverdale crossovers and easter eggs in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 3:

Sabrina season 3: Every Riverdale crossover and easter egg
Sabrina season 3: Every Riverdale crossover and easter egg. Picture: Netflix

Riverdale's Jonathan Whitesell plays a whole new character

Our first sort-of crossover comes courtesy of Jonathan Whitesell, who joined the Sabrina cast as Robin, Theo's new love interest. Most of you should remember Whitesell from Riverdale season 3, where he appeared as Kurtz, the leader of the Gargoyle gang.

Because he plays a completely different character on the show, it's not technically a crossover, but it's still another great easter egg to add to the list. (There's been several Riverdale actors who have appears in Sabrina as different characters...)

Jonathan Whitesell plays Robin in Sabrina and Kurtz in Riverdale
Jonathan Whitesell plays Robin in Sabrina and Kurtz in Riverdale. Picture: Netflix, The CW

Penelope Blossom makes an appearance... or does she?

The first official crossover comes in episode 1 when Nathalie Boltt, who you will know as Cheryl's problematic and morally corrupt mother Penelope Blossom, appears on screen. Nathalie doesn't actually play Penelope though... and the cameo is quite different to the one where Ben Button (Moses Thiessen) appeared as a pizza delivery boy in season 1.

In episode 1, we find Father Blackwood in New Orleans, following a woman into her room. The woman, Ms Dubois, is played by Boltt but as the scene progresses, we find out that it's actually Prudence who was pretending to be her.

There's seems to be simple explanation for this: Penelope has been to Greendale multiple times, and it's likely that Prudence saw her a couple of times and used her likeness to trick Blackwood. If that's the case, then that surely opens up a lot of doors for more and more Riverdale actors to appear on the show, without complicating timelines. Prudence in disguise as Alice? I would like to see it.

CONFIRMED: Magic does exist in Riverdale.

Just when you thought magic only lurked within Greendale's borders, it now looks like Riverdale might have a lot more to do with Sabrina's world than we thought.

In episode 3, Sabrina and Ambrose cross Sweetwater River and head into the woods to retrieve one of the three Unholy Regalias. The object, King Herod's crown, is hidden inside a tree which the two of them break open to retrieve. Once they've got it, out pops a scary tree demon Herod.

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Back in Riverdale season 2, it seemed like magic only worked once you crossed the border into Greendale (remember that one scene where the dead deer randomly came back to life?). Now, it's pretty much confirmed that the demons are thriving in the hidden parts of Riverdale... Guess that explains why the town is so dark and full of murderers then?

CONFIRMED: The Blossom family have links to the magic world.

Even more interesting than that though, is when Ambrose finds out that Herod's crown was hidden in Riverdale by a guy called Private Benjamin Blossom, who stole it from Hitler's bunker in 1945. Blossom was then murdered by a group of occultists who wanted the crown, but they never found it. It aaaaalways come back to those Blossoms...

CONFIRMED: Jughead is back at it again.

Oh, and on the back of the 'Welcome To Riverdale' sign, you can see another one of Jughead's graffiti tags alongside the words "Murder capital of the world." Did they lie?

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Sabrina goes to Riverdale in CAOS season 3
Sabrina goes to Riverdale in CAOS season 3. Picture: Netflix

CONFIRMED: Hilda is a Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe stan

One of the cutest references to Riverdale in Sabrina part 3 is in episode 6, just before Hilda's terrifying transformation takes hold of her fully.

After her face disappears, Hilda asks Dr Cee to head over to Pop's, saying: "There's a diner in Riverdale and it sells the juiciest hamburgers and the thickest milkshakes..." Later in the episode, Dr Cee returns from his trip to Riverdale with three of Pop's iconic milkshakes to find Hilda fully transformed. Nice bit of promo for Pop Tate there. It's what he deserves.

Before De Cee returns, a random Southside Serpent wanders into Cerberus Books. But it looks the gang ends up another member down because he's swiftly eaten by Hilda. RIP!

Sabrina season 3 features a cameo from a Southside Serpent
Sabrina season 3 features a cameo from a Southside Serpent. Picture: Netflix

In other news, Riverdale also gave us another little crossover with CAOS this week. In season 4, episode 10 ('Varsity Blues'), Betty sits down with various players from football teams who have faced off against the violent Bret and the Stonewall Prep team. One of those players is Billy Marlin (Ty Wood) who appeared in Sabrina season 1.

Seeing as Betty and Billy have now come face to face, we're assuming that now confirms that the two shows take place in the same time and reality.

Don't ask us to explain how Ben managed to die twice, once on Riverdale and once on Sabrina, though. My head still hurts thinking about that one.