Who plays Ricky Dee on Riverdale? The new character's true identity was revealed

7 March 2019, 19:48

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Ricky Dee was introduced in season 3, episode 14 ('Fire Walk With Me') as a runaway kid found by Archie, but who is he really? What's his backstory? And who plays him?

This week's Riverdale was a tough one to watch, given the fact that it was the first episode to air following the sudden passing of Luke Perry. The episode was dedicated to Luke and ended with a touching tribute to the actor who brought Fred Andrews to life on screen. (Read tributes from Luke's co-stars and friends here.)

Luke also appeared in this episode as Fred, coming to Archie's aid after he was attacked by a kid with a knife in his own home. And it was the plot twist during that violent confrontation with Archie that ended up being one of the most shocking moments of the episode.

When is the next episode of Riverdale season 3 on?

The kid in question? He's a new character called Ricky Dee, a orphaned runaway who Archie finds and takes in. But of course, all is not what it seems with Ricky, whose real identity is later revealed - much to the surprise of everyone watching.

Nico Bustamante as Ricky DeSantos on Riverdale
Nico Bustamante as Ricky DeSantos on Riverdale. Picture: The CW

Who plays Ricky on Riverdale?

Ricky is played by talented young actor Nico Bustamante. He previously appeared in an episode of Mozart In The Jungle, Gotham and Gotti alongside John Travolta.

Who actually *is* Ricky?

At first, we discover that Ricky is a young runaway, found by Archie and Josie holed up in a store cupboard at the boxing gym. They take him to Pop's to get something to eat and find out that he's an orphan. With no parents and no extended family, Ricky tells Archie that he's been spending time at a shelter but went on the run to escape a gang. He also reveals to Archie that he's been branded with the same Gryphons and Gargoyles 'sacrifice' symbol.

After inviting him to stay at his house, Ricky goes missing one night while Archie takes a phone call. Archie then learns that Ricky is actually Joaquin's younger brother (!!!) Ricardo DeSantos. He confronts Archie and reveals that he branded himself with the symbol in order to play Archie and get closer to him so he could finish Joaquin's G&G quest - to kill the Red Paladin.

After all the stunts Riverdale has pulled on us so far, we honestly didn't see this one coming - and neither did the fans.

Make all the jokes about a little kid being smarter than Archie but like Fred said, the boy's got a heart of gold. How could you, Ricky!? How could you!?

Nico isn't currently listed in any more episodes on IMDb yet, so we're uncertain if (or when) we'll see him again. But considering that he legged it out of the Andrews' house before Archie could grab him, we'll put some solid dollar on the fact that he will return. And Archie better hide any and all sharp objects ASAP.