Bella Thorne is renting out her house for fans who want to throw parties

18 January 2019, 18:57

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Here's how you and your pals can throw a bash at Bella and Dani Thorne's "fun house".

Bella Thorne is probably one of the busiest young stars in Hollywood. In addition to her acting, beauty ventures, record label, and rap career, Bella is now offering up her "fun house" for photoshoots and parties.

According to trippytwinsfunhouse, an Instagram account presumably set up by Bella and her sister Dani, the eclectic home is available for guests who wish to host events. Her Sherman Oaks, California house appeared in a 2018 Snapchat Cribs featurette and boasts some very bright and imaginative decor.

When they say it's a "fun house", Bella and Dani are not kidding.

In one promo from the trippytwinsfunhouse, the sisters say that they have "hosted some epic parties" at the residence. It's unclear whether this is Bella Thorne's primary residence or a different one she is now renting out for events.

According to the page's Instagram bio, interested parties should "DM for details." We're guessing that the waiting list for the property is going to fill up quickly.

Dani Thorne
Dani Thorne on the trippytwinsfunhouse Instagram stories . Picture: Instagram Stories/trippytwinsfunhouse

Offering up property for filming, photoshoots, or events is pretty common in LA and its surrounding cities. Unique properties that you see in music videos and photoshoots are often made available by their owners.

Right now, the sisters have not publicly announced how much it will cost to rent their "trippy house" but we're guessing you and some friends might want to start saving up now.

What do you guys think? Would you throw a party at Bella and Dani's fun house?