41 hilarious memes about Game of Thrones season 8, episode 5 (Recap)

13 May 2019, 15:25

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

From the moment Daenerys burned the entire city of King's Landing to Cersei's underwhelming death, here is your Game of Thrones season 8, episode 5 recap, as told by Twitter.

Well, here we are. The penultimate episode of the final season of Game of Thrones has aired... and everyone hated it.

Following the absolute carnage that was the Battle of Winterfell and the traumatic deaths of Rhaegal and Missandei in episode 4, Daenerys has officially lived long enough to see herself become the villain. This episode took place in King's Landing... or should we say, what's left of it. Jon may have finally realised that Dany has lost it, Jaime proved himself to be exactly who we always knew he was and Tyrion - once the most intelligent man in Westeros - turned out to be nothing but Boo Boo the Fool.

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A lot of underwhelming and disappointing things happened in this episode and Twitter had a LOT to say about it. So, without further ado, here is your season 8, episode 5 recap - complete with salty memes, brutal draggings and several hilarious tweets about Cersei excusing herself from Cleganebowl 2k19.

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Game of Thrones recap: The best memes from season 8, episode 5
Game of Thrones recap: The best memes from season 8, episode 5. Picture: HBO, Nickelodeon

Vary's death

The episode opens with Queen of the Messy Bitches who live for drama Varys writing down all his tea on Jon Snow's parentage in his Burn Book, with the intent to let the entire realm know the truth. He's also apparently bribing a very small child (!!) to try and poison Dany and stop her in her tracks. Classic Varys.

It really hasn't been Dany's day, or week, or month, or even her year but Tyrion will be there for her. She's stressed, she's depressed and she hasn't eaten since Rhaegal and Missandei died (same, to be honest). Tyrion tries to help but by this point, Dany's fate has already been sealed by the men in the writers room. Mad Queen it is, we guess.

Dany is 100% sure that Jon has betrayed her but Tyrion tells her that it was actually Varys. They agree to disagree but rules dictate that someone must die for this betrayal! It's Varys. His time has come. He loses the lip sync to Jon Snow and is DRACARYS'D by Drogon.

Honestly, Dany should have seen this coming. She should have never hired someone called the "Master of Whispers"... AND THAT'S THE TEA.

Tyrion and Jaime have one final goodbye.

At the camp just outside King's Landing, Tyrion learns of a prisoner that was caught. Surprise bitch, it's Jaime. He made it all the way to King's Landing.

They sit down and have a heart to heart. After 87 failed attempts, Tyrion just really wants Cersei to see sense to he asks Jaime to handle it but Jaime knows his twin sister/lover and he knows she's not gonna surrender to ANYONE, especially not the Dragon Lady.

Tyrion thanks him for being the only one who ever looked out for him as a kid, they hug, I cry and then Tyrion unshackles him and off he goes, on his merry way to either kill Cersei, or run away with her forever. They also didn't mention Brienne's name once. SO WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT WHOLE ARC?

Daenerys really said FUCK, KING'S LANDING!

After killing Varys and deciding that everyone hates her, Dany opts for full carnage. She's about to do the damn thing. Euron is still out there, sailing on the seas with his dragon crossbows and his fleet. The odds are looking good. It's one dragon Euron, how many arrows would it take? NINE? Turns out, yes.

Dany and Drogon manage to set the entire Iron Fleet on fire. Once she's done with them, she moves on to the Golden Company who are posted up at the gates ready to charge on Jon, Grey Worm and the unsullied. She barrels through the walls and sets them on fire too.


Please welcome to the stage, Boo Boo the fools, Jon and Tyrion.

After WEEKS of not believing a single soul when they told them about their precious Queen, Jon and Tyrion are shocked to see the mad one Daenerys is now on! FUNNY THAT!

Daenerys can't hear the bells.

Before she started her residency at King's Landing on the Fire Breathing tour of 2019, Tyrion made Daenerys promise that she would cease if Cersei rang the bells. When the bells ring, it means surrender. The city will be Dany's and no more innocent lives will be killed.

After decimating most of the city, the bells start ringing. Dany and Drogon are perched upon a building, watching everyone below scramble. For some reason, she doesn't stop. Instead of channeling that anger into flying up to Cersei's window and torching that bad wig of hers, Dany takes it out on the civilians below. She ignores the bells and carries on.

This is honestly not what Missandei, a woman of peace, had in mind when she said "Dracarys," is it?


After arriving in King's Landing together to kill Cersei and The Mountain, Arya and The Hound part ways. She's reluctant at first but she finally gives in, turning around calling The Hound by his real name, Sandor, for the final time.


After leaving her perch, Cersei is ushered to safety by a few guards, Qyburn and The Mountain. On their way, they come across The Hound who promptly slaughters her guards. The Mountain squares up, throws Qyburn against some rocks and the showdown begins! The fight ensues, The Mountain tries to do an Oberyn and burst The Hound's eyeballs but The Hound stabs him in the eye and then drags him off the tower, falling to both of their deaths, and straight into fire. RIP!

Cersei, meanwhile, managed to completely evade having her head swiped off by The Hound by simply... tip-toe-ing around him and excusing herself quietly from the situation!? The Most Wanted person in King's Landing and he just... let her go?! Smh, Arya is fuming!!

Jaime and Cersei reunite.

Remember when we all thought Jaime had left Brienne at Winterfell to go and kill Cersei in King's Landing? LOL, HOW WRONG WE WERE.

Jaime finds Cersei, they hug, they cry, he persuades her to escape with him and... that's it. And in that moment, all that character development and all those prophecies... gone. Cancelled. Don't know them. Never heard of them. Never felt that emotion.

Cersei's underwhelming death.

Cersei Lannister's death was meant to be one of the most show-stopping and spectacular deaths in TV history. After several prophecies (the Valonqar, anyone?!), multiple enemies, traitors, dragons, potential face swapping activities and YEARS worth of bad karma, Cersei Lannister was killed by rubble... while crying.

After escaping to the location that Tyrion told Jaime about, Cersei soon realises that she's fucked. Jaime, already resigned to his death once he realises they're trapped, hugs her until they're crushed by the building that Drogon just burned down.

Arya Stark, your white horse Uber has arrived.

At the end of the episode, it looks like Arya might be dead. After being struck by rubble, and then burned by dragon fire, she SOMEHOW emerges and wanders off to find a single white horse still alive amongst the ashes. She jumps up and rides away.

BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Is she dead? Is she alive and riding back to Jon? To Winterfell? Or is she about to plan her attack on Daenerys?

Meanwhile in Winterfell...

And in conclusion: