'Quiz' Viewers Disgusted As Charles Ingham Confirms Family Pet Was Shot

16 April 2020, 11:17

'Quiz's' Charles Ingham reveals heartbreaking truth of pet shooting
'Quiz's' Charles Ingham reveals heartbreaking truth of pet shooting. Picture: ITV Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire/ Quiz

The subject of ITV's 'Quiz', Charles Ingham, has confirmed his family pet really was shot with an air rifle as he tweeted along with the show he praised as 'accurate' and 'gutsy.'

Charles Ingham, the subject of ITV's gripping drama, Quiz, has confirmed on Twitter his family pet was actually shot with an air rifle during the Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire coughing scandal, much to the disgust of viewers.

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Charles, who was found guilty of conspiring to cheat on the ITV quiz show along with his wife, Diana, tweeted along as the three part series aired, replying to one user to asked if his dog really was shot and killed, as the programme heartbreakingly showed.

He replied: "Cat. She was shot by an air gun. Buffy did survive, after an operation. James Graham probably didn’t know that she had survived."

James Graham is the playwright who originally wrote the play for the West End, which was ultimately adapted for TV.

Charles Ingham confirms his pet cat was shot on Twitter
Charles Ingham confirms his pet cat was shot on Twitter. Picture: Twitter @gallantfive

The dramatic dog killing scene provoked a huge reaction from viewers online, branding those who harassed the pair 'disgusting', with an outpouring of sympathy for the couple.

One wrote: "Don’t care what anyone says, whoever shot Chris ingrams dog is worse than him and his wife conning £1million how could you even shoot a poor dog."

Another tweeted: "There is absolutely no need to kill an innocent dog that is just not on! That's the last thing that we need to watch on TV during these times!"

An outpouring of sympathy for the Ingham's on Twitter after 'Quiz' airs
An outpouring of sympathy for the Ingham's on Twitter after 'Quiz' airs. Picture: Twitter

Interestingly, Charles was full of praise for the series he and his wife were the main subjects of, calling it 'balanced' and 'gutsy' in his tweets, writing:

"Quiz. WOW. The cast, the story, the scenes, simply brilliant. Terrifyingly accurate and oh yes, horribly cringeworthy."

"Floored by the pure talent on show tonight. Well done too to @ITV Gutsy."

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He continued: "Some say #Quiz wasn’t balanced & I can see why. But it was balanced."

"Celador’s case has been brutally broadcast for 19 years with nothing from us (to the vindicated winner so too the spoils) & their position was made v clear in #Quiz."

However, iconic host of the show, Chris Tarrant, had some questions about the sympathetic light the couple were shown in, asking why the prosecution's closing statement wasn't included, something he said played a big part in their conviction.

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