First Dates Waitress Laura Tott Contracts COVID-19 After Working As Paramedic

16 April 2020, 09:10

First Dates star Laura Tott contracts coronavirus
First Dates star Laura Tott contracts coronavirus. Picture: Instagram @lauratott_

Waitress-turned-famous face of Channel 4's First Dates has contracted the virus whilst working frontline for the NHS as she urges everyone to stay safe at home.

First Dates waitress, Laura Tott, has tested positive for COVID-19 after working on the frontline as a paramedic, admitting she 'knew' she had the virus but was still stunned to receive the official diagnosis.

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Laura, 25, who became a fully registered paramedic a year ago, posted to Instagram to let people know she's been unwell with the virus and her abnormal symptoms should be taught to everyone to spread awareness.

She wrote: "Today’s been a weird one, kinda knew I had contracted it but actually hearing the word ‘positive’ threw me a little. I know I’ve been quieter on social media recently but I’ve felt like absolute rubbish."

"Never had any form of flu before so I’m not handling it well."

"Just wanna say that I am ok, just feels like a really bad cold, so I’m one of the lucky ones... My first symptoms were complete loss of taste and smell, and then felt like I had sinusitis."

"I think these symptoms need to be taken way more seriously. I had no cough or fever at first, and still have no cough now. Stay safe and well everyone!"

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The NHS staffer has a verified Instagram account and over 158k followers thanks to her stint on the dating show along with fellow waitress CiCi Coleman, who she struck up great chemistry with and helped make the show what it was!

Elsewhere, she posted an emotional thank you to the nation for applauding NHS worker, admitting it brought tears to her eyes during this testing time, writing:

"That applause last night was unbelievable. Something I’ll never forget. Even brought a tear to my eye!"

"Never known kindness like the last couple of weeks. Ok now stop making me a soppy emotional wreck."

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