Is Netflix's Prank Encounters real or not? Fans think Gaten Matarazzo's new show is "fake"

28 October 2019, 16:49

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Viewers are wondering whether Gaten Matarazzo's new Netflix show, Prank Encounters, is real, fake, staged, or something in between.

Netflix's new hidden camera show Prank Encounters arrived on the platform on Friday (25 October). It stars Stranger Things actor Gaten Matarazzo as the Kutcher-esque celeb in the control room and features "real life" people in surprising and often terrifying situations. It's 2019, though, and TV viewers have been conditioned to question everything. So, is Prank Encounters real or not?

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The premise of Prank Encounters is fairly easy to follow. Two strangers who have never met are thrust into an elaborate supernatural-themed scenario while surrounded by paid actors who are in on the gag.

Netflix Prank Encounters
Netflix Prank Encounters. Picture: Netflix

In one episode, a young woman is charged with the home care of a patient named Teresa, who has undergone extensive cosmetic surgery. Later, it is "revealed" that the woman has been kidnapped by a man claiming to be her husband and that she is actually a missing person named Nicole. Spooky, right?

While the reactions of the participants on Prank Encounters range in believability, many viewers still have questions – most of them having to do the show's production.

Between the perfect audio, impeccable camera angles, absurd scenarios and absolutely wild reactions, folks are wondering just how real Prank Encounters is.

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Twitter user @thekevinhealy identified himself as the creator of Prank Encounters and has assured viewers that what they're watching is 100% real.

As it turns out, some fans aren't even bothered about whether the show is real, fake, staged, or something in between.

So, is Prank Encounters on Netflix real or fake?

Well, we have no choice but to take Kevin Healy's word for it.

Kevin Healy also told EW that they made it "very clear to everyone that it's a one-night assignment. They are going to have an adventure. They were compensated for being part of something pretty special".

Prank Encounters faced a mini-backlash before it premiered as many worried for the potential job seekers at the heart of the hidden camera show. Netflix has since assured viewers that everyone "had a great time" and were paid for their appearance on the programme.

There ya go. Prank Encounters is real, everyone was paid, and the people had fun! Nothing to see here, folks.

What do you guys think of Prank Encounters on Netflix?