‘To All the Boys I've Loved Before’ Fans Prefer John To Peter K In The Sequel

31 August 2018, 22:20

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Start memorising John Ambrose McClaren's name now...

If you've watched To All the Boys I've Loved Before, chances are that you will have already fallen in love with Peter Kavinsky. In the film Peter is Lara Jean Song Covey's (Lana Condor) main love interest. Played to perfection by Noah Centineo, Peter is the stuff of rom-com dreams. Not only is he charming and handsome but he is also sensitive and caring af. If only more boys were like Peter Kavinsky.

However, longterm fans of TATBILB will know that Peter is far from perfect. The hit film may have only just been released on Netflix but it was originally the first in a trilogy of best-selling novels written by Jenny Han. In the books, Peter is everything that he is in the films but he is also messy and an occasional jerk. In fact, if you read the sequel (P.S. I Still Love You) you may prefer John to Peter.


To All the Boys I've Loved Before
To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Picture: Netflix // Twitter

Do you mean Josh (Israel Broussard)? John (Jordan Burtchett) is hardly in the film. No. We're not joking. In the second book John Ambrose McClaren takes centre stage. After receiving, Lara Jean's letter in the post, she and John start a relationship as pen pals. John even enters the picture physically and becomes a rival to Peter for Lara Jean's affection (Lara Jean and Peter hit a rough patch).

With this in mind, some TATBILB fans actually stan John more than Peter. That's why the post-credits scene in the film is so important. John actually shows up at Lara Jean's house with the letter he received. For casual viewers, this could seem like it's just a gag but readers of the books know that it's a hint of what's still to come. John is about to disrupt Lara Jean and Peter's relationship.

Taking all of this into consideration, we've gathered some tweets from John fans that prove why you must know his name.

Some people are ready for the drama to commence.


We don't want anything to come in between Peter and Lara Jean but also... we love drama.

In fact, for some people Peter Kavinsky was never an option.


John really is THAT great.

Plus John is actually perfect.


If you know, you know.

He literally is what people imagine that Peter is.


Tea has been served.

If you're still not convinced, this thread lays out all of the important points.



And last but not least John makes Peter jealous which arguably makes Peter even more attractive.


We see no lies.

In short, Peter is great but John is a king and, if we get the film sequel that we deserve, people may switch their allegiances from Team Peter to Team John. In the mean time, live your best life and read the books. You won't regret it.