Pedro Pascal explaining why he puts his hand on his chest on red carpets goes viral

2 May 2023, 17:04

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey open up about their friendship

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Bella Ramsey's reaction to Pedro's 'wholesome' explanation... I'm crying.

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A clip of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey has gone viral thanks to their wholesome red carpet exchange where Pedro explains why he always places his hand on his torso while posing for photos.

The The Last of Us duo recently reunited at a For Your Consideration event for the HBO show, alongside castmates Gabriel Luna and Murray Bartlett, co-creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin and executive producer Carolyn Strauss.

While posing together on the carpet, Pedro told Bella the reason why he always holds his hand to his chest and their brief conversation was picked up by the microphones nearby.

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Pedro Pascal's wholesome red carpet pose explanation is going viral
Pedro Pascal's wholesome red carpet pose explanation is going viral. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, @DEADLINE via Twitter

For those of you that haven't spent hours and hours watching TikTok videos of Pedro Pascal posing on various red carpets throughout the years, then you may not have noticed that he sometimes poses with his left hand in the middle of his torso.

While posing together at the FYC event, Bella noticed Pedro's hand placement and placed their hand over his before mimicking his stance as the cameras snapped the two of them standing with the same pose.

Pedro Pascal's explanation behind his red carpet pose is going viral
Pedro Pascal's explanation behind his red carpet pose is going viral. Picture: Getty

Pedro then shared the reason why he places his hand in that particular spot, and the wholesome explanation was caught on a camera as he shared it with Bella.

"I do, you know why?" Pedro ask as he responds to Bella's question after taking a deep breath. "It's because my anxiety is right here."

Bella then gives Pedro an understanding nod and leans their head against Pedro's shoulder as the duo continue to pose for the cameras.

Of course, fans can't get enough of Pedro's wholesome meaning behind that pose. "Protect this man at all costs," one user wrote in response to the clip.

Another thought Bella's reaction to Pedro's explanation was just as wholesome: "Pedro talking about anxiety and Bella's face like they know exactly what he's saying."

"Knowing that your faves are experiencing things like anxiety can be so incredibly hard. Especially when you know that they’re good people. I can only hope that Bella and Pedro understand how loved they are," a third person added.

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