Fans Are LOSING It Over The 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 6 Finale

7 August 2018, 12:08

By Sam Prance

This is a LOT to process...

Orange Is the New Black returned with its sixth season at the end of last month and fans are obsessed with it. Not only does the new series star an array of incredible new characters (Daddy, Madison, Carol, Barb) but it also contains big storylines for inmates including the likes of Taystee, Blanca and Suzanne to name just a few. 78 episodes in and the hit comedy drama is still captivating viewers.

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However, it's Season 6's ending that has got people talking. Like all of the best season finales, it features plenty of dramatic scenes and cliffhangers to get us hyped for what's next. With that in mind, we've prepared a rundown for you of everything that happens so that you're ready and raring to go when Season 7 drops.


Orange Is the New Black
Picture: Netflix

At the start of the episode, Piper, Sophia and Blanca are told that they are being released. Piper is one of 25 women in Linda Ferguson's new Prisoner Quotient Initiative and Sophia is being let out on the grounds that she won't sue the prison for their mistreatment of her. Blanca is not told a reason. Piper then says her goodbyes to her fellow inmates and she and Alex get prison married with Lorna and Nicky as witnesses. It's cute af.

This then cuts to Taystee being wrongfully charged guilty with the murder of Piscatella (!) and Caputo confronting the head of the SWAT team (who actually were responsible for the crime) about it. It's okay. We cried too. While all this is going on, Block C and Block D at max are preparing for their kickball match, which Carol and Barb are trying to turn into a gang war.


The next day Piper and Alex bid each other goodbye (sadface) and the inmates start their kickball match. Carol and Barb are not there though. Instead they are using the match/war as a distraction to sneak off and kill Frieda. Maria manages to stop the gang war from happening though by getting CO McCollough to mix up the teams. The inmates just end up playing kickball instead.

Noticing that the prison hasn't gone into lockdown and that they are now unable to carry out their plan, Carol and Barb turn on each other, fight and both end up dead. Then, as Piper and Sophia are released, Blanca is sent to an immigration camp in the cruelest plot twist ever. We also see Lorna potentially having a miscarriage.

The episode ends with Piper's brother Cal picking her up and asking her: "What are you going to do now?”.

Unsurprisingly fans are shook. Here are just a few of the reactions and fan theories from the finale.