'OITNB' Fans Are OUTRAGED That Kukudio Is Not In Season 6

9 August 2018, 11:37

By Sam Prance

This was not cool...

Orange Is the New Black returned with its sixth season at the end of last month and it's safe to say that it's pretty incredible. Not only are we introduced to a variety of amazing new characters (Daddy, Madison, Carol and Barb) but we are also given hilarious, heartbreaking and heavy storylines starring the likes of Piper, Taystee and Blanca. It's an epic set of 13 episodes and we're still processing what happens in them.

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However, there's one or two things about Season 6 that viewers are not happy with. First things first, many of the scenes are bleak af and really hard to watch (that finale was too much). Then there's the fact that many fan favourites from the past five seasons aren't even in it.

And, last but not least, there's the treatment of Maureen Kukudio.

Orange Is the New Black
Orange Is the New Black. Picture: Netflix

Kukudio (Emily Althaus) was introduced into Orange Is the New Black in Season 3. She starts out as a member of Litchfield's Wiccan cult. However, her main storyline is that she becomes obsessed with Suzanne's legendary sic-fi erotica (Time Hump Chronicles) and develops a major crush on her. Kukudio and Suzanne never act on it (they almost have sex together in a broom closet) but they do flirt regularly during the season.

In Season 4, Kukudio and Suzanne run away together when the inmates escape Litchfield but Suzanne goes back to prison after being disturbed by Kukudio's behaviour. Kukudio is later found and taken back. The two prisoners then have a variety of tense interactions that end with Suzanne nearly beating Kukudio to death. Suzanne injures herself afterwards and is put into the same medical ward as Kukudio.


In Season 5, after Humphrey is shot by Daya, Kukudio causes him to have a stroke by blowing air into his IV drip. Kukudio's injuries then become infected and there is no one to treat them. She is last seen being forced out of the prison by officers after the riot and, in Season 6, it is revealed that she died from her infections.

Unsurprisingly, fans are not pleased with how Kukudio's story pans out. Not only do we never see Maureen's backstory but she also dies offscreen, despite being a major character. Here are just a few of the reactions.

Some are annoyed that we still don't know why Kukudio was in prison in the first place.

What happened?!

Others are sad that she's basically been completely written out of the show.

The writers didn't need to do her dirty like this.

A few fans are angry about unfinished storylines in general.

This is super annoying.

One or two people are paying their respects to Kukudio.

She deserved more.

Then there are those who are angry that Daya is being charged for a murder she didn't commit.

It's so unfair.

A couple of viewers are worried about Suzanne finding out that she was in part responsible for Kukudio's death.

This is not going to end well.

And last but not least, people are stating what SHOULD have happened in Season 6.

We agree.